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I completely agree with the author and Robin T. Without clarity of language, there can be no clarify of thought and so forth. Into my sophomore and junior years of college, I considered becoming an English teacher, but after reading so many of my peers’ essays in class, I knew I lacked the patience necessary to teach them, let alone children half their age.
So I became a journalist, where I have the freedom to write on topics I learn and where I don’t have to pull my hair out reading someone else struggle to put a thought together.
I can only hope that some alumni board or university president reads this and considers changing their school’s requirements for writing composition classes. Too many kids struggle to think critically or put together a coherent, concise opinion on anything of substance.

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composition is not just grammar, or English as a First or Second Language. Composition is how to argue effectively. this includes how to understand arguments that are more or less effective. hence, analyzing argumentative essays about any topic under the sun is a form of teaching students how to argue, how to analyze, and how to construct said arguments and analyses in writing.

In closing, Tannen makes the point that both sexes need tounderstand the inherent differences in their communication stylesso that they don't expect the impossible.