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15 Jun 2009  I have been extremely lucky to continuously feed my passion for travel.

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Describe when and how you discovered that you were interested in art, design, writing, architecture, or the particular major to My Passion for Debate | University of Southern California The great passion of my high school years has been debate.

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I've learned Passionate About Art essays Passionate About Art essaysAs a young girl, I doodled on every empty spot on whatever paper I could get my hands on.

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and quizzes, 4755 literature essays, 1490 sample college application essays, 189 lesson plans, My Secret Passion - Drawing and Painting | Shivani Chaudhary 9 Sep 2014 "Everyone do have a passion for something in their life that motivates or inspires in some way." I am also one of them and passionate about Academic Passion essays Academic Passion essays I have always enjoyed mathematics from an early age.

My essay on dance,another passion of mine.. Read the essay free on Booksie.

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Without passions our My Hobby, My Passion, My love, Dance | Teen Essay About dance Dance is more than just a sport, it's a passion.

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Power of Passion | Teen Essay on What Matters | Teen Ink Power of Passion This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

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I grew up in 1960s Guyana and ’70s London on a staple diet of dance. In Guyana I danced to calypso or kaiso, reggae and dub, lots of hips twisting opposite matching twisting hips and laughter and sweat. My youth in England pulsed with that currency of the soul variously known as love vibes, passion fashion, boogie-woogie blues.

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However, passion is the king and reason but a "weak queen."

What can she more than tell us we are fools?
Teach us to mourn our nature, not to mend.
A sharp accuser but a helpless friend!
Reason ("th' Eternal Art, educing good from ill") is not a guide but a guard.