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and Warburton, Miranda 'The Universe in a Cultural Context: An Essay', in Fountain, John W.

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Within traditional literary history, the idea of one text appropriating elements from another was referred to as "influence," that is, "relations built on dyads of transmission from one unity (author, work, tradition) to another." Although in this sense "influence" may be traced back as far as written texts, its importance as a concept within literary studies was a phenomenon of the eighteenth and, even more, of the nineteenth centuries. [End Page 1] "Influence-study generally entailed the practice of tracing a text's generic and thematic lineage, especially but not always as evidenced in established canonical works (including myths) from Western literary history," Louis Renza points out in the above-mentioned essay on "influence." Literary influence in such studies "performed a conservative cultural function," reinforcing the canon of "classics." Even as reinterpreted through Harold Bloom's concept of "the anxiety of influence," literary influence-study, Renza argues, tended to reify the ideologies of "author" and "authority," ignoring extraliterary influences on and "culture-specific ideological circumstances" of the work of literature. Because of all these associations, "influence" has been denigrated while "intertextuality" as a more dynamic concept attracted critical attention, especially in the formulations of Kristeva and Barthes, for whom "[a] text . . . is made of multiple writings, drawn from many cultures and entering into mutual relations of dialogue, parody, and contestation."

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Another line of research on the biological basis for sex differences in aggression involveschildren, including some as young as ages 1 or 2, in various situations (Card, Stucky, Sawalani,& Little, 2008).[]They might be playing with each other, interacting with adults, or writing down solutions tohypothetical scenarios given to them by a researcher. In most of these studies, boys are morephysically aggressive in thought or deed than girls, even at a very young age. Other studies aremore experimental in nature. In one type of study, a toddler will be playing with a toy, only tohave it removed by an adult. Boys typically tend to look angry and try to grab the toy back, whilegirls tend to just sit there and whimper. Because these gender differences in aggression are foundat very young ages, researchers often say they must have some biological basis. However, critics ofthis line of research counter that even young children have already been socialized along genderlines (Begley, 2009; Eliot, 2009),[]a point to which we return later. To the extent this is true, gender differences in children'saggression may simply reflect socialization and not biology.

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This category in particular points up the inadequacies of categorization, especially in interdisciplinary work. Separating race from gender from sexuality from my other categories threatens to re-marginalize them just as they are claiming their centrality to any cultural analysis. Hence I have also placed works reexamining these topics in other sections, cross-referencing some of them here. In addition, while separating racial studies from gender studies from sexuality studies serves to highlight their respective evolutions and achievements, it does so at the cost of obscuring multiple identities and complex interactions. Thus each subsection is structured to move towards points of intersection with the other categories.2

This paper will define and explain the meaning and purpose of multicultural social studies education.

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Another agent of socialization, religion, also contributes to traditional gender stereotypes. Manytraditional interpretations of the Bible yield the message that women are subservient to men(Tanenbaum, 2009).[]This message begins in Genesis, where the first human is Adam, and Eve was made from one of hisribs. The major figures in the rest of the Bible are men, and women are for the most part depictedas wives, mothers, temptresses, and prostitutes; they are praised for their roles as wives andmothers and condemned for their other roles. More generally, women are constantly depicted as theproperty of men. The Ten Commandments includes a neighbor's wife with his house, ox, and otherobjects as things not to be coveted (Exodus 20:17), and many biblical passages say explicitly thatwomen belong to men, such as this one from the New Testament:

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But it is in this subject area where the values of patriotism, nationalism, cultural preservation, and feeling of identity are imparted to the students....

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(Oxford bibliography Keith Hayward) Although it would seem that cultural criminology is nothing more than an interdisciplinary field, using only the studies and theories of some of the disciplines mentioned...