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Some conservation groups also get involved in restoration, the process of recreating hab...

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Conservation biology is the study of the threats to life on Earth and the science of preserving biodiversity—protecting threatened species and helping recover endangered species. Conservation biologists use a variety of techniques to figure out which species are in trouble and what to do about it.

Uncertainty, resourceexploitation, and conservation: lesson from history.

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The rush to solutions fosters oversimplification of suchnotions as ecosystem integrity, and the tendency to suppress thecomplexity of natural systems in favor of simplistic and naiveapproaches to studying the ecological implications of social andeconomic development.

From plant communities to landscape in conservationinventories: a look at the Nature Conservancy (USA).

Pressure for adequate answers creates a need to devise conceptualtools, such as ecological integrity, to help scientists and resourcemangers grasp the complexity of biological systems (Bernstein andGoldfarb 1995).

To conservation biologists, putting an economic value on biodiversitymay seem both arrogant and useless.

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There are various measures that are used to maintain soil health and prevent the above harms.

There are many ways to conserve soil, some are suited to those areas where farming is done, and some are according to the soil needs.

Here are the various soil conservation practices.

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In reality, all naturalecological systems change over time, and it is extremely difficult todetermine a normal state for communities whose measurable propertiesare often in flux, either because of natural disturbance or because ofinternal ecological mechanisms (Ehrenfeld 1993).

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Pickett and White (1985) state, "An essential paradox of wildernessconservation is that we seek to preserve what must change." On theother end, if ecosystems experience fluctuations and changes generatedby internal ecological mechanisms, this does not mean that any changeshould be accepted.

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It has been argued that the causes of mismanagement arerooted in the inherent complexity of biological communities and in thehigh level of environmental stochasticity that confounds any efforttoward an ecologically sound exploitation practice.

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Second,conservation measures may be activated only when most of thedamage has been done already, and the detrimental effect ofhuman activity has finally been manifested.