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The major weakness that has arose in the research that have been conducted is that there are various documentation on causes of climate change and its effects but strategies to help people avoid climate change are minimal. People ought to be educated on various issues that cause climate change and how manmade factors cause such immense threat. The government also should come up with strategies that will be of help to the society in order to help businesses cope with the climate change.

This process, of course, is global warming which, in turn, leads to climate change.

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There will be onset of flash flooding inUKand rainfall will intensify. Industries for example the electricity and water need to make sure that their entire systems will cope with changes in climate. The issue of rain distribution will also pose more problems to water storage. For businesses like the insurance industries, the issue of climate change will have both positive as well as negative effects (Gerhard, 2004, pp. 283-293). The increase in floods and storms will mean more cases as far as subsidence is concerned. The insurance company will suffer because of the extreme weather conditions and most of them might end up going bankrupt.

Global climate change contributes a great amount of devastation to the world every day.

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There have been various strategies that have been undertaken in order to correct the issue of climate change. Last year there was a vast international conference inCopenhagenwhere the world came together in order to negotiate as well as agree on how to initiate and tackle on the issue of climate change. TheKyotoprotocol will expire in the year 2012 and it’s already in effect. TheUKtransport company and the agricultural companies have been heavily affected by climate change. As immigration increases due to people coming in the country and leaving the transport business have also been affected

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The main strengths of the research that I have conducted is that most people already know the impact of climate change and have already started looking for strategies that would be of help to them. For example, most insurance industries are already looking for ways to deal with their recent problems without having to loose a lot of profits. Most people have started adjusting considering there have been continuous changes of climate

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The clothing industry will also be affected by climate change and might end up loosing lots of profits if nothing is done (Subak, Palutikof, Agnew, et al, 2004, pp. 1-26). There will be decrease in sales in of certain clothing when the climate rises. Agriculture will also be highly affected inUK. There will be changes of crops grown. There might be increase of crops in the winter seasons or decrease due to floods. The distribution of rainfall will also have an adverse effect on agriculture. The government policies also will be altered as there will be dislocation and emergence of new migration policies. As migration continues, businesses will also be affected. People’s health will also change and this means the food, water and homes. All this will affect the business either positively or negatively.

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The major threat is ignorance in most people. People do not see the seriousness in climate change hence; they have no strategies to help them in future. The other is lack of knowledge. Others are still not aware of some of the manmade factors that cause climate change and for those who know, it is just a few who are taking the right steps.