The ABC’s of Learning Disabilities.

In 2001, over 2.9 million children were diagnosed with a learning disability.

But, are learning disabilities really a hassle.

The Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living awards the to students with a disability. The scholarships awards vary from $50 to $450. Although these are one-time scholarships, one student receives a $500 scholarship with the opportunity to receive additional awards throughout college.

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My Type 1 precious girl found the school of her dreams, but we cannot afford to send her there without financial assistance. After being diagnosed 4 years ago she has had a difficult journey with her disability. To help her with expenses we are looking for grants and scholarship money.

There will be a focus on how social worker deal with child disabilities in society.

Florida Atlantic University offers a scholarship for students with disabilities; priority is given to student with an emotional or psychological disability. The $500 award goes to a FAU undergraduate student with a 2.0 GPA or an incoming student. The student must take a minimum of six credit hours each semester.

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Not all scholarships are designed for students that are diagnosed with specific types of disabilities. Some scholarships are general disability scholarships. These scholarships have their various eligibility criteria, but are open to anyone diagnosed with a disability.

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There are many different ways teachers are able to set up the learning environment in order to maximise teaching and learning and cater for the diverse needs of their students.

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Across learning environments, teachers should know how to deliver services to students to the highest efficacy attainable even where disability names are unfamiliar to the instructor and the IEP team as a whole....

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When a person is learning disabled, they present weakness in the areas of memorizing, producing information (output), organizing it, or taking in information (input).

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An inspection into the pre-primary level of education that is imparted through “Aganwadis” in India it is known that there are no set standards resulting in low learning level and there is a significant gap between the demand and supply....

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Some people see people with disabilities as incapable, inadequate and of low intelligence, a super crip, someone who is marvellous, exceptional or inspirational, a person who has courage and bravery, people that smile and are cheerful in the face if adversit...