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These ever changing shifts in how we view and respond to the world around us change us as a nation.

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My parents did the hippie, anti-war thing. They acted in response to an older generation, the “man,” telling them what to do and what to believe. However now, all I can think about is one day, hopefully, becoming part of the “man” and working inside the system. It is, in turn, my own form of rebellion. However, my rebellion is going to be so different than that of my parents because of the cause. As many baby boomers are not so willing to admit, they are getting older. Vietnam protesters are no longer the parents of most college students anymore. The ties to that generation are farther away than ever for teenagers like me. My parents were involved with that era, and due to the social change that they initiated, many more topics for debate are on the table today. While the war in Iraq is certainly a popular subject, the lack of a draft means there is no single issue to tie college students together today. From Darfur to abortion, the options for a cause du jour are overwhelming. I, for one, don’t know where to start.

The message is that our worlds are not fixed; they are ever changing—fickle and subject to one event or action....

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Yet a new form of organization is taking place in the 21st century and has been given the term “globalization.” With the onset of globalization many of those in government have had to change their governing style in order to keep up with...

One change, an explosion of our view of cultural norms, burst onto the scene and changed us in a deeper and more meaningful way than ever before....

If the manager opposes the change, chances are that his or her people will as well. In many cases, the opposite is also true. Making sure a manager or supervisor is on board with a change and advocating for it is the first step the change management team must take before expecting managers and supervisors to fulfill their role in change management.

Only a core few of these many inventions can be said to change air warfare, and few of those are as game-changing as the B-29 Superfortress by Boeing.

or one event to change the course of the world

Be sure to answer "What's in it for me?" and connect change management to what they care about, such as meeting financial objectives (for senior leaders) or delivering a project on time, on budget and on target to meet objectives (for project teams).

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For many of the different actors, applying change management is a new job requirement. You will need to help each of them build their own personal competency for leading change. Whether it is a project team you are working with to integrate change management into the project plan, the division president you are asking to fulfill the role of sponsor or a frontline supervisor you are asking to coach his or her direct reports, you need to be there to provide support and answer questions. You are now the coach for the agents of change throughout your organization.

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This is one of the most important takeaways from the discussion about roles. Change management work must ultimately come to life through influencing and coordinating many different actors. For change managers who may be resourced from members of a project team, HR or OD consultants, or from within a specialized change management group, most of the work is carried out by others.

“If I Can Change the World” Essays: Complete Guide ..

The Palestine Liberation Organization originated as a network, and the international-relations scholars Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni and Calvert Jones argue in a recent essay in International Security that this is why it ran into such trouble as it grew: “Structural features typical of networks—the absence of central authority, the unchecked autonomy of rival groups, and the inability to arbitrate quarrels through formal mechanisms—made the P.L.O. excessively vulnerable to outside manipulation and internal strife.”

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Founded in 1994, Prosci is a change management firm focused on helping individuals and organizations build change management capabilities. Best practices research acts as the foundation for Prosci’s world-renowned change management training programs and tools, including the Prosci ADKAR® Model. Prosci has certified over 30,000 change leaders worldwide through the Prosci Change Management Certification program.