This is the one place we realize the importance of censorship.

However, how has censorship changed from the Soviet Union to the modern world....

Controversy surrounds the topic of censorship.

Censorship has gone too far to make a corruption of conformity; that we are not supposed to question why certain materials are supposed to be censored, or that we are supposed to be satisfied with what the government tells us about those materials.

I honestly believe that censorship today has become an excuse for not educating today's society.

censorship is good because people dont need any other bad influences on them.

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Censorship is just an excuse for parents to abate some of their responsibilities.

Introduction When talking about freedom of speech and censorship, it is important to look at them within the discourses of power: the power to impose views, opinions and ideologies, the power to speak, and the power to silence.

i am not for censorship, because i feel it is immature to push this responsibility onto the media.

Censorship is the suppression of speech, ..

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is said to have advocated censorship in his essay on The Republic, ..

Even though the freedom of speech, opinion, information and press are considered individual human rights and are rooted in democratic ideology, media censorship is not uncommon in the world, and has been popular with authoritarian regimes such as the Soviet Union.

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Censorship has been around for a long time, censorship is supposed to protect 'us' from the things which happen in media for example movies which contain horror, sex or violence.

Censorship stiffles the freedom of expression in Canada.

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Introduction Censorship of information on the Internet …

Censorship is said by the government to help us because it cuts out scenes which may mentally affect us for example a film about poverty and the working class which could trigger a revolution because our minds are not mentally strong able to take that it is just a film....