Bella is bothfood and lover to Edward.

Bella was bitten by another vampire and needed Edward to suck the poison out of her.

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Eventually, they become good friends and fall in love with each other but Edward knows the further they progress in their relationship the more he is putting Bella and those close to her at risk.

She isvengeful and bitter because Edward killed her life partner to protect Bella.

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There is something distinctly biblical about the language used, and as Bellafalls deeper in love with Edward, the language of idolisation appears to belifted straight from the King James Bible.

Bella Swan is the saga’sgood woman because of all the reasons listed above.

Bella Swan’straditionalist, virginal, chaste personality traits follow her into to vampirehood, and could not be more obvious when, once she achieves her vampiric state,it emerges that her enhanced, special power is an incredible self-restraint.

BellaSwan only achieves her life goal by sacrificing all that she owns, includingher human life.

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In Bella Swan’s case, her transformation into a vampire by the fourth book inthe saga () requires herto shed every aspect of her human self into order to live with the Cullenfamily forever.

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’It is true that Bella Swanmakes a small number of choices, but the only autonomous, decided choices thatBella makes for herself is what her father, Charlie, is having for dinner onany particular evening:

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The impact of Edward’s departure hits Bella so hard Meyer illustrates herdepressive void by omitting four chapters from the book (October, November,December, and January ) in order to emphasise this fact.

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The definitive and staggeringly entrenched inequalities in Bella andEdward’s relationship prove this- Edward does not treat Bella as an equal, sheunderstands this and gladly accepts it.

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Bella’s love for Edward was so great that she was willing to become a vampire so that she could spend the rest of her life with him and not die as a mortal.

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It is ironic that the earlier books in the seriesdescribe Edward and Bella’s fleeting body contact and intense kisses inpainstaking detail, but when the two characters eventually commit the physical actof love, the moment that the reader has been waiting three and a half booksfor, the scene is cut altogether.

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At the end of the movie Bella and Edward are happy and a bad vampire is shown coming down the stairs of a house, as if to leave the audience thinking that there will be another Twilight movie.