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I feel that your observation of the validity of idealogical warfare isvalid one. But i think that you fail to see the truth behind it, that IT is the warfare of the future. An idea can churn out an infinite number of children strapped with suicide bombs. Sending a military force in to crush an idea is foolish and naive at best. But what happens if you sent in a kind of viral meme bomb that would overtake the ideas of the people and bend them towards being less antagonistic, or worse, destroying themselves? I tend to view this war through machiavellian tinted glasses, and i think that while you are right about the fact that the idealogical war on america has been somewhat succesful, it hasn’t crippled our reaction to terrorism. If anything it has taught us an important lesson.

To be an American can mean virtually anything and whether or not somebody supports national symbols is just another part of being and American.

Talk about what being an american is to you or any person.

I took another class in college (class of 1980) taught by a brilliant man named Richard Slotkin. He’s the author of a trilogy about myth and ideology in American popular culture. One of the trends he identified goes back to Natty Bumpo and The Last of the Mohicans. In every war America has ever fought, our response is political speeches and fictional accounts that present the following self-image: We are a good and descent people. But this time our enemy is special. This enemy does not play by the rules. This enemy is sneaky. So we have to adopt some of his methods in order to defeat him. When the war is over we’ll go back to being descent.

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Protestant Christianity is perhaps the most normotic religion extant in the world today — I’m not even sure that fundamentalist Islam can compare, its power being magnified by its coincidence with rich oil deposits upon which the rest of the world is dependent — and it has America in a hammerlock. John Taylor Gatto provides perhaps the richest exposition of how fundamentalist religion and industry work together, each with the goal of automatizing an ostensibly free society to create a productive, obedient work force and economic engine, completely unaware of (or unwilling to acknowledge) the squandering of resources and utter lack of respect for human dignity committed by agents of this engine. Sleep – obey – consume.

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(5) The newcomers (legal and illegal) are trying to become “American” and are working harder to internalize “The Dream” than the couple-thousand Katrina evacuees that still haven’t moved back to New Orleans, and they (the newcomers) know it (ironically, some of the earliest investigative hit-pieces on the Katrina aftermath were about illegal immigrants being paid for the clean up and rebuilding while the evacuees were holed up in hotels, ocean liners, and sports stadiums).

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If you ask me what a culture should be, Native American or otherwise, I say it should be non-normotic or even anti-normotic, the normotic model of course being not only monstrous but unsustainable and due for imminent collapse. So no, I don’t necessarily think they should live exactly as they did in 1491, but I do think they lost (or ) something precious which they may not be able to get back. See, I can talk about what a culture should be like till the cows come home, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything substantive we can do to get the camel out of our collective tent. We simply have to build our social-structures to exist independently of, and resist, the omnipresent top-down hegemonic ones and hope the blowback doesn’t kill us when the collapse comes.

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As for what to do about it, I’m convinced that Americans remain the more threatening memebots, and their sleep-obey-consume programming (aka normotic illness) remains the greater form of suicidalism, since it is likely accelerating humanity to the mass extinction event by demanding ever greater consumption and strain of already thinly spread resources — and furthermore, the illness is so deeply ingrained into our culture that there’s no regime change that will wake up 200+ million somnambulents in this country alone. Those who do survive will, out of absolute necessity, have to regain their organic competency if they want to live terribly long, just as the Africans and Amerindians did before being coopted by the European hegemon.

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Also assimilation by blacks varies. The free middle-class black communities of big northern cities that date to Revolutionary times have always participated in American economic life. Black immigrants from other countries (Africa, West Indies) do also, even to the point of being resented by the locals for wanting to get ahead.