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Tax Shelters - If you invest through things like a and/or a personally, there are numerous asset protection and tax benefits. Some retirement plans and accounts have unlimited bankruptcy protection, meaning if you suffer a medical disaster or some other event that wipes out your personal , you can walk away with your investment capital still compounding for you beyond the reach of creditors. Others have limitations on the asset protection afforded to it but still reach into the seven-figures. Some are tax-deferred, often meaning you get a tax deduction at the time you deposit the capital into the account to select investments and then pay taxes in the future, often decades later, allowing you year after year of tax-deferred growth. Others are tax-free, meaning you fund them with after-tax dollars but you'll never pay taxes on either the investment profits generated within the account nor on the funds once you withdraw the money later in life, provided you meet eligibility requirements. Good tax planning, especially early in your career, can mean a lot of extra wealth down the road as the benefits compound upon themselves.

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NEW YORK ( ) -- is one of the most important lessons in life. You don't need to be college educated to start investing, in fact, you don't even need to be a high school graduate. You just need to have a basic understanding of business and have the confidence to make a plan -- consider it a business plan for your life. You can do it.

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Onceyou understand the basics of investing, form your views on human foibles andbehavior and review the evidence accumulated on each of the differentinvestment philosophies, you are ready to make your choice. In our view, thereis potential for success with almost every investment philosophy (yes, evencharting) but the prerequisites for success can vary. In particular, successmay rest on:

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The “rule of 72” gives savers a quick rule of thumb as to how long it will take their initial investment to double at a given rate of interest. Simply divide 72 by the rate of return you expect to get in order to find out how long it will take your investment to grow twofold. For instance, 72 divided by 6 means it’ll take 12 years to double your money.