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 The hopes of the new energy source are pinned on a process known as nuclear fusion.

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Basic economics, accounting in construction; engineering economy (economic analysis/ appraisal); construction measurements and estimating. Definitions/explanations of the basic concepts: contributions of entrepreneurs to society; successful entrepreneurial traits; opportunity sensing- scanning the environment for investment opportunities in the energy sector. Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship development process; concepts of entrepreneurial skills (personal and interpersonal). Role of entrepreneurial skills in natural resources management. Aims of training in entrepreneurial skills and characteristics of an entrepreneur. New venture opportunities and innovations, feasibility planning; products and services; Patents/Copyrights; marketing new ventures & market research. Organising and financing new ventures. Business law and the law of contracts; identification, development and implementation of new ventures. Current trends (Internet commerce, e-commerce). Mini-projects and business plan development for self-employment. Creation of wealth, jobs, adding value and improving standards.

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Application of electrical and mechanical sensors, data acquisition and logic controllers as applied to energy systems. Determination of physical parameters necessary for control and data-logging. Methods of calibration and correction. Laboratory projects employing programmable logic controllers.

Students will be equipped with research methods and also use the skills acquired to prepare proposals for the final year project. In the proposal writing each student will chose a topic for research investigation directed at solving specific renewable energy resource management related problem in consultation with a lecturer who becomes the students’ supervisor. It involves selection, definition, and analysis of a problem suitable for renewable energy systems. Identification of project parameters and implications, proposals for alternate solutions, and justification of selected solution. Writing of project proposals, initiation of prototype construction

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AC machines, including single phase, split-phase and three-phase (induction and synchronous machines) motors and generators; introduction to power switching devices, speed control and brushless DC motors. DC machines including shunt, series and compound. Control devices and circuits, including ladder diagrams.

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Genetic surveys have not yielded positive evidence of genetic hazards due to atomic bomb radiation. Even so, possible A-bomb-induced effects such as spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, congenital malformations, and more, require continued study.

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We will discuss the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster as well as the 20th century Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in drawing conclusions about risk versus reward of nuclear energy use....

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Introduction to hydro-resource power production. History of Hydro-power. Physics of hydrology. Power, head, flow-rate. Turbine hydrodynamics; Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, Turgo, cross-flow. System components: generators, governors, penstocks, spillways, valves, gates, trashracks. Large-scale and microhydroelectric systems. Pumped storage. Economic, social and environmental considerations.

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Introductory lectures on industrial safety and hygiene. Metrology: standard systems and uses of conventional measuring instruments. Familiarization tour of mechanical engineering laboratories. Equipment identification in the laboratories. Electrical wiring systems. Domestic and industrial set ups. Foundation, cement/sandstone mixes, steel reinforcement concrete foundations and columns. Land surveying, parallelism, use of theodolite for machine installation. Bench work: filing, marking out, tool grinding. Machine tools: drilling and shaping. Writing of simple technical reports.

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The content covers history of energy systems, scientific principles and practical energy conversion technologies, economic, social and environmental aspects of energy production and use from fossil fuels to renewable energy resources.