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Miller sent a copy of the play to Elia Kazan who directed the original stage version of All My Sons

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Born in Harlem, New York in 1915, Arthur Miller attended the University of Michigan before moving back East to write dramas for the stage. His first critical and popular success was Death of a Salesman, which opened on Broadway in 1949 and won the Pulitzer Prize along with multiple Tonys. He received more acclaim for his award-winning followup The Crucible, which reflected his unwavering refusal to cooperate with the House Un-American Activities Committee. Miller's public life was painted in part by his rocky marriage to Hollywood sex symbol . The playwright died in 2005 at the age of 89, leaving a body of work that continues to be re-staged internationally and adapted for the screen.

(source)Arthur Miller refused to name Communist Party members during the Red Scare of the '40s and '50s.

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In 1956, Miller divorced his first wife, Mary Slattery, his former college sweetheart with whom he had two children, Jane Ellen and Robert. Less than a month later, Miller married actress and Hollywood sex symbol , whom he'd first met in 1951 at a Hollywood party. At the time, Monroe was dating , who had directed Miller's All My Sons and Death of a Salesman. When Kazan asked Miller to keep Monroe company while he dated another actress, Miller and Monroe struck up a friendship that turned into a romance. Author called their marriage the union of "the Great American Brain" and "the Great American Body."

research papers look at how Arthur Miller uses the typical stereotype of Willy Loman as a Salesman.

Monroe died the following year, and Miller's controversial 1964 drama After the Fall was believed to have been partially inspired by their relationship. Miller was criticized for capitalizing on his marriage to Monroe so soon after her death, although the playwright denied this. Miller responded to his critics by saying: ''The play is a work of fiction. No one is reported in this play. The characters are created as they are in any other play in order to develop a coherent theme, which in this case concerns the nature of human insight, of self-destructiveness and violence toward others.''

Arthur Miller’s writing in All My Sons often shows great respect for the great Greek ..

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Arthur Miller ~ After the Fall ~ a close up examination of Arthur Miller’s controversial play, which the majority of viewers/readers have considered to be a portrayal and betrayal of Marilyn Monroe despite Miller’s vociferous denials to the contrary.

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The drama follows the travails of Willy Loman, an aging Brooklyn salesman whose career is in decline and who finds the values that he so doggedly pursued have become his undoing. New York Times theater critic Brooks Atkinson described Willy Loman in his 1949 review of the play: "In his early sixties he knows his business as well as he ever did. But the unsubstantial things have become decisive; the spring has gone from his step, the smile from his face and the heartiness from his personality. He is through. The phantom of his life has caught up with him. As literally as Mr. Miller can say it, dust returns to dust. Suddenly there is nothing."

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Later in 1956, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) refused to renew Miller's passport, and called him to appear before the committee. His 1953 play, the Tony Award-winning The Crucible, a dramatization of the Salem witch trials of 1692 and an allegory about , was believed to be one of the reasons why Miller came under the committee's scrutiny. Miller refused to comply with the committee's demands to "out" people who had been active in certain political activities and was thus cited in contempt of Congress.

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"But has not Mr. Miller exceeded the bounds of good taste and decency in revealing so much of his life with Marilyn Monroe? For, of course, there is almost no pretence that Maggie, generous-hearted, childlike enchantress and sick, self-destructive creature, is anything but the late, beautiful tormented film star, or that Quentin is anyone but the author. Had Mr. Miller the right to go this far?"