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report directly to the Chief of Naval Operations who is the senior military officer in the Navy

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Navy collateral duties/out of rate assignments play a vital role in the day-to-day operations and duties that Officers and Enlisted Sailors perform. Certifications and licenses are also available in these collateral duties/out of rate assignments, so please go to the Collateral Duty/Out of Rate Assignments search feature and explore more opportunities to get certified (click "Find" on the side of this page, go to the "Officers Search" section, then use the "- Select Collateral Duty -" drop-down list).

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To Apply: You may apply for the NROTC scholarship as early as the second semester of your junior year of high school. To obtain an application, contact your local Navy recruitment officer or the head of your school’s NROTC unit.

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The Navy College Program is a scholarship that provides tuition assistance for active duty Sailors and Officers who wish to pursue their education while they are off duty. To be eligible, applicants must have a high school diploma. Although the award is available to applicants who have taken college credits, the majority of the scholarship funds are reserved for those service members who do not currently have a college degree.

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Once NROTC scholarship recipients graduate from the program of their choice, they will be commissioned as Ensigns in the Naval Reserves. Once signed up, NROTC scholarship recipients must serve in the Navy for at least five years of active duty. During that service, they will follow the career path they trained for. Popular career paths include Surface Warfare, Naval Aviation or Naval Flight Officer, Submarine Officer, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer or Special Warfare Officer.

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The benefits of becoming an officer in the Military are far-reaching. Tangible benefits include increased salary and better housing. And the intangible benefits are perhaps of even greater value. Leadership development, management and increased real-world experience are some of the immeasurable qualities of becoming a military officer. Such characteristics can prove helpful in both the Military and professional civilian work forces.

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The exception to this rule is nursing students. The Navy needs nurses and those NROTC scholarship recipients that obtain nursing degrees are guaranteed a position as a nurse and a Naval Officer within the Navy. During their service, they will treat Naval Officers in the field as well as their family members. Nursing students are only required to commit to four years of active duty.

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The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Scholarship Program offers funding for civilians who are not yet enlisted in the Navy but interested in joining. Those chosen to receive this merit-based scholarship can win up to $180,000 to fund their education. The scholarship applies to over 160 of the best colleges and universities in the United States.

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Current photograph (not more than 1 year old). The uniform for this photograph shall be Khaki or, Navy Service uniform to provide maximum photographic clarity. (Navy E-6 applicants may also wear Dress White depending on the season). Coast Guard applicants are to be photographed in a uniform comparable to that specified for Navy applicants. The photograph shall display a full-length three-quarter view of the applicant in the prescribed uniform, uncovered, with the left shoulder forward, against a plain contrasting background, in a size approximately 4 inches in width and 5 inches in height. Background shall be flat and provide sufficient contrast to highlight details of the uniform. When an authorized Navy photographic laboratory or an alternate support facility is unavailable, any photograph may be produced via cell phone, digital camera, laptop/notebook which complies, as closely as possible, with the requirements specified above. For officers, these are the same requirements specified for official file photographs. Photographs must be stapled to the NJROTC Photograph Submission Sheet (NSTC Form 5761/108 (11-12)); do not leave photo loosely in the envelope.