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African Americans and World War I

World War I was a transformative moment in African-American history

Before reaching their own judgement on the issue, pupils compared the interpretations of three historians and discussed how and why they had reached different conclusions about the causes of the First World War. At the end of the enquiry, pupils wrote an essay answering the question ‘Did Germany cause the First World War?’

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The First World War has sometimes been labelled, with reason, "a family affair". This is derived from the reality that many of the European monarchies - many of which fell during the war (including those of Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary) - were inter-related.

Comprehensive information on the First World War of 1914-1918: Trenches on the Web and Doughboy Center sites; St

Includes an image of his 2004 meeting in Ypres with Charles Kuentz, the last remaining German soldier from the first world war and a powerful portrait by Don McCullin, to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the Great War Armistice, on 11 November 2008.

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World War II -- Japan strategic concepts oil petroleum

Now, can you adapt the information in this essay to write the essay in a slightly different form: 'Was the policy of appeasement the most important reason for the outbreak of the Second World War? Explain your answer.'

All three Axis countries had a significant problem

In this enquiry pupils studied in depth the significance of the First World War. They started by working in groups to investigate an aspect of the war. Each group used a wide range of sources – official reports, newspapers, films, diaries, letters, art and poetry – and gave a 10-minute presentation to the class on its findings.

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Pupils then looked at a range of texts, film clips and images showing the different ways the First World War has had significance for people’s lives in the 20th and 21st centuries. They studied the life of Harry Patch, the wider social impact of the war on those who fought and on civilians, the military and political significance of the war and its impact on national memory. Pupil E researched these issues independently and then wrote an essay in response to the question ‘Why was the First World War known as The Great War?’

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• The Sudetenland led Stalin to make the Nazi-Soviet Pact, because he believed he could not trust Britain. This drawing by the British cartoonist David Low (20 March 1935) is titled 'Cause comes before effect'. (Four days earlier Hitler had held his 'Freedom to Rearm' military rally where he denounced the disarmament clauses of the Versailles Treaty and announced the reinstatement of conscription in Germany.) Click here for the interpretation 4. Hitler was expansionist • Many historians still think that the Second World War was Hitler's personal war, and that he always intended to fight a war - as a re-run of a First World War he did not believe that German had lost fairly.

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Exploring interpretations:
Pupil E used range of criteria to make a judgement about the significance of the First World War. Her essay shows her historical knowledge of the social, military, political and cultural significance of the war.