Many of the things generally considered pollutants are present in the natural air.

Some of the wastes get into the air, causing air pollution.

Give each group the same problem.PROBLEM: You are a member of a planning commission which has the responsibility for selecting a site which will be zoned for heavy industry.TASK: List criteria concerning aspects of air pollution which would bear on the matter.

TYPES OF AIR POLLUTIONParticulates of both natural and human origin also cause pollution.


As a result of much research; devices for pollution control have been developed, guidelines for air quality were established, tax incentives were introduced, and most importantly, enforcement of ordinances for restricting the emission of contaminants—.In 1970, Congress passed the CLEAN AIR ACT, the first comprehensive legislation to reduce air pollution in the United States.

Many flower and vegetable crops suffer ill effects from air pollution caused by exhaust gases.

The eventual fate of air pollution is to be wasted out of air.A smokestack with a billowing black plume, for years the proud symbol of America’s industrial wealth and technological prowess, has in the last decade acquired another meaning.

EFFECTS OF AIRPLANESThe jet airplane has revolutionized travel since about 1960.

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Chemical reactions involving air pollutants create a poisonous gas ozone (O3). Gas Ozone can affect people’s health and can damage vegetation types and some animal life too.

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For example, one could discuss each pollutant individually in terms of sources, methods of emission, how it is affected by chemical reactions in the atmosphere, adverse effects, and ultimate fate, Others may prefer to emphasize the functional approach because in most regions where air pollution is considered a problem, a pollutant coexists with other pollutants and there is a continual evolution of the nature of the atmosphere through chemical reactions.

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While concentrating on the physical reasoning of air pollution, students should be able to develop skills in reading, language, mathematics, science, and social studies.

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Growing traffic is considered to be a major issue to the world. More cars are hitting the road day by day, which lead to serious pollution problems. In order to tackle this ongoing issue, countries decide to increase the price of petrol, as they think it is the most convenient approach and use some alternatives to petrol like wind and solar power that might be effective. I personally feel that increasing petrol price is not necessary to cut down pollution problems.

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Information on how to contact environmental groups in New England can be found on the reference page of this unit.This graph shows the dramatic increases in the air traffic since 1950, including passenger miles of U.S.

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The problem of air pollution from airplanes involve a complex set of interactions among technical, social, and economic factors.Emission from jet aircraft, particularly on landing and take-offs, are a source of bitter complaints from nearby residents.