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Extrinsic rewards motivate people to a certain extent as we have to take into consideration that the results obtained does not imply the whole population. It was assumed that extrinsic rewards motivate employee for a short period of time for employees have worked in the workforce for less than a year. It can be supported by the theories stated in the literature review as well as the survey results that we have obtained.

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Application of Herzberg’s two Factor Theory
Referring to Graph 1, respondents with less than a year experience have chosen extrinsic rewards as their influences in a job. This is inconsistent with Herzberg Theory of needs as it was mentioned that the the absence of extrinsic rewards cause dissatisfaction. Respondents with more than 5 years of experience have chosen intrinsic rewards as their top motivators. It is consistent with Herzberg theory because motivation comes from the inner-being of a human being.

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The objective of the report aims to gain a detailed understanding of the underlying reasons that motivates the employees by researching on their thinking and behaviours. The report will cover four main sections namely; Introduction, findings, analysis and conclusion and recommendations. The findings section was derived from literature review and survey. Literature review will consist of the current knowledge to extrinsic and intrinsic rewards that help motivate people. It includes the additional findings and provides substantial in depth evaluation of secondary data to the research question. Upon gathering of results, data were analysed through their similarities, differences or by identifying the pattern of responses. We interpret the data collected and identify the underlying reasons that motivate employees and provide recommendations for organization to counter the underlying problem. Literature Review