[Mother Teresa] said that suffering was a gift from God.

In 1948, Mother Teresa came across a half-dying woman lying in front of the Calcutta hospital....

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They all represented different countries, they all had different views
on divorce, abortion, religion, and they were all touched by the
devotion of Mother Teresa who like President Clinton said, "has served
the poor, the suffering and the dying, and in so doing she served as an
inspiration and a challenge to all the rest of us"
Among most notable dignitaries were Hillary Clinton, representing the
US, Bernadette Chirac for France, Italy's Prime Minister, Oscar Luigi
Scalfaro, Canada's Deputy Prime Minister Peter Jennings, Albania's
President Rexhep Mejdani, Ghana's President Jerry Rawlings, the Duchess
of Kent represented the British Monarchy, Queen Noor of Jordan, Queen
Sofia of Spain, and Queen Fabiola of Belgium.

Prior to her mother’s arrest, Terry and her siblings endured years of torture, physical and sexual.

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But Mother Teresa had the support of the three popes who oversaw her canonization process, from Pope John Paul II, who so strongly that he expedited the sainthood process, to Pope Francis, who that made her eligible for sainthood.

Terry explained that her brothers and mothers abused them severely....

The World Mourns

Queens and First Ladies, Presidents and Prime Ministers, former Heads
of State, Ministers and envoys from over 23 countries, gathered
together on September 13, 1997 to pay their final respects to Mother
Teresa, the Albanian nun who in 1996 topped the Gallup Poll as the most
admired women in the world that devoted her life serving the poorest of
the poor and urged the world not to forget of those in need.

Mother Teresa addressed the root of all violence which is in the human heart.

Mother Teresa’s real name was Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu

Of course, Mother Teresa was never an uncontroversial figure in her lifetime, either. In her Nobel Prize acceptance speech, she used her platform to decry abortion. “The greatest destroyer of peace today is the cry of the innocent unborn child,” she said. “Let us here make a strong resolution, we are going to save every little child, every unborn child, give them a chance to be born.” And though she accepted the poor from all faiths, she was accused of proselytizing Christianity and having her followers the dying without their consent, according to several accounts.

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The process usually isn’t allowed to begin until five years after the prospective saint’s death, to allow for a more rational decision-making process free from emotions. But in Mother Teresa’s case, Pope John Paul II allowed the process, called the cause of canonization, to start early — less than two years after her death. The process has been controversial, as well, with that at least one of the miracles attributed to Mother Teresa is a fraud.

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Now that your familiar with one of the most important human beings to
ever live maybe we can use some of the ideas, thoughts, and behavior
and put it in our daily lives and make this world to be what Mother
Teresa was striving for.

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But for all her work and praise, there are accusations of a dark side. Some who went to join Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity say that the poor who turned to her for aid were inadequately cared for, left in filthy conditions, or treated by volunteers who were never given medical training.

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Even with Mother Teresa gone, her sisters at the Missionaries of
Charities are still caring for the poor and sick with the same love and
devotion as Mother Teresa did.