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To apply for the College JumpStart Scholarship you must meet the following requirements:

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Perhaps you are a brilliant writer, or maybe you're just going for the most efficient way to rack up the college . Either way, you’ve decided that the key to lies in winning . Essay scholarships are awarded in numerous fields to students of varied backgrounds. Some essay scholarships have requirements in addition to the essay, such as GPA or financial need, whereas others are judged solely on the merit of the writing submitted. No matter what the criteria are, essay scholarships are a great way to use those writing skills you’ve been practicing to help .

The deadline for the current College JumpStart Scholarship is midnight April 15, 2018.

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Photo Caption: National Merit Scholarship Program semifinalists Gabriella N. Bica, Zachary Melchione and Sophie V. Testa with Principal Daniel Danbusky, Counselors Kristin Orig, Amanda Cuiffo, Louis Acconi and Assistant Principals Terrence Hinson and Shannon Dantuono.

*National Merit® Finalists must list UK as first choice with National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

If you qualify as a National Merit Finalist, you will be notified by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in February of your senior year of high school.

Principal Daniel Danbusky is incredibly proud of the three students for achieving the status of National Merit Semifinalists.

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Alert is proud to award a $500 college scholarship with each edition of the magazine we publish. Our scholarship is open to current high school seniors, and is awarded to the writer of the best drug and/or alcohol abuse-related essay in each region. Please see our scholarship section for more information, specific requirements, and to read winning scholarship essays from previous editions.

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Here is a basic summary of the process to follow if you wish to be considered for a National Merit Scholarship to attend UA. Please visit the for more details and for the most updated information. Some direct links are included below to help you find specific information about each phase of the process.

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Hello. We think we know you. You are a good student, maybe even a great or fabulous student. You are looking forward to going to college. Or, more likely, you are in your senior year and getting organized for the full-court press of getting into the college of your choice and getting the scholarship you need to be sure you and your family can afford this next step of your education.

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If you qualify as a National Merit Semifinalist, you will be notified by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in September of your senior year of high school.

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It’s pretty exciting and more than a little nerve-racking. You’re already dealing with the pressures of your high school career, and they are significant, we know. The process of getting ready, getting into, and paying for college is a very big, extra project in your already crowded life.

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