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the only colour in real life is ..

I found the slips of paper which represented, for example, "doll," "is," "on," "bed" and placed each name on itsobject; then I put my doll on the bed with the words arranged beside the doll, thus making a sentence out of the words, and at the same time carrying out the idea of the sentence with thethings themselves.

and the study of light and colour even longer

This hobby also removes all my monotony and dullness of life

Perhaps Matisse's mastery, which is evident from his earliest work, canbe explained in part by the fact that he is a rare example of a latedeveloper since there was nothing in his youth or his family background toindicate the route he was to take. Matisse was working as a lawyer's clerkin 1890 when, at the age of 21, he was given a paintbox while recoveringfrom appendicitis. This triggered a sudden and unhesitating change ofdirection. He abandoned the law for the Academie Julian, where he studiedunder , the high priest of the "pompiers", the banal but highlypopular artists of the time who were so despised by the Impressionists.

It adds colour and zest to my life

The peasants who settled in the cities as proletariat and pettybourgeois learned to read and write for the sake of efficiency,but they did not win the leisure and comfort necessary for theenjoyment of the city's traditional culture. Losing, nevertheless,their taste for the folk culture whose background was the countryside,and discovering a new capacity for boredom at the same time, thenew urban masses set up a pressure on society to provide themwith a kind of culture fit for their own consumption. To fillthe demand of the new market, a new commodity was devised: ersatzculture, kitsch, destined for those who, insensible to the valuesof genuine culture, are hungry nevertheless for the diversionthat only culture of some sort can provide.

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