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Until that moment, Jesus had not spoken to her. When he did, he used words that reflected the standard Jewish perspective toward pagans. In doing so, he showed how the same dark pride was the source of both the rejection of the Incarnate Word and the dismissal of those who were Gentiles. The woman was willing to humbly eat scraps from the table of the Israelites, and Jesus was willing to humble himself on the Cross, despite being the King of kings.

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By now it should be clear that this may really be an attempt to provide a Scriptural explanation for an idea that is central to Amish culture…humility. Stoll notes that there is already much concern over dress and finery at Amish weddings, and that photographic records would only compound the problem, not to mention the large sums of money spent on cameras, film and equipment.

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In Lancaster, many Amish children attended the rural one-room public schools, and there are quite a few school photos from the early 1900's showing the Amish and non-Amish children posing in a "class picture." But photographs at this time were not limited to children. One Lancaster Amishman told me that before the turn of the century some newly-wed Amish couples were having wedding pictures taken in photo salons. Indeed, two local exhibitions featured examples of such "studio portraits" with Amish posing for pictures, most recently at the 2001 "Stars & Bars" quilt exhibit at the People's Place Quilt Museum. There, beside a quilt made by Susanna Mast Stoltzfus, you could see a photo taken on her wedding day in 1858, when she married Gideon Stoltzfus This practice probably influenced the ban on photographs which, especially if displayed in the home, demonstrated a lack of humility.

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Humility Essay Information about the Christian Season of Lent from a Protestant perspective; reflections on its significance as part of the celebration of Easter.

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Stoll says the issue has more to do with idolatry, and that today’s idol, unlike the "golden calf," may really be Self. "We believe that posing for photographs is part of the world’s misguided emphasis on glorifying our outward man. The Bible tells us that it is the inner man that is important… The world puts a lot of emphasis on a pretty girl or a handsome boy. A person’s facial features should not affect our opinion of a person’s worth or value. Thus we believe that letting ourselves get involved in the world of photography leads us away, not toward, true humility."

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When a blind woman approached Felipe Morales, he thought she wanted money, when all she really needed was directions. The incident reminded Morales about the risks of prejudging people, and taught him a valuable lesson about humility in his own life.