The forest in Midsummer Night's Dream represents imagination.

So Europe was contented to compare The Nights with the Fables of Pilpay for upwards of a century.

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copies of the Thousand and One Nights known to exist in the public libraries of Europe might yet cast some light upon the question of the origin of the interpolated Tales." I quite agree with him, taking "The Sleeper and the Waker'' and "Zeyn Al-asnam" as cases in point; but I should expect, for reasons before given, to find the stories in a Persic rather than an Arabic MS.

561) renders "The day obliterates the word or promise of the Night," for

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This was inevitable under the present rule of Cant in a book intended for the public: but the same does not apply to my version of The Nights, and now I proceed to discuss the matter srieusement, honnetement, historiquement; to show it in decent nudity not in suggestive fig-leaf or feuille de vigne.

It requires only to glance at The Nights for seeing how much histrionic matter they contain.

I have noticed the incuriousness which translates "along the Nile-shore" by "up towards Ethiopia" (Night cli.), and the "Islands of the of Khaledan" (Night ccxi.) instead of the Khlidatni or Khlidt, the Fortunate Islands.

This accounts for its rare occurrence in The Nights, where only two more instances are to be found, Mac.

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She has also liberty to leave her home, not only for one or two nights, but for a week or a fortnight, without consulting her husband; and whilst she visits a strange household, the master and all males above fifteen are forbidden the Harem.

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Moreover, as has been well said, The Nights is the only written half-way house between the literary and colloquial Arabic which is accessible to all, and thus it becomes necessary to the students who would qualify themselves for service in Moslem lands from Mauritania to Mesopotamia.

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and so forth. To those critics who complain of these raw vulgarisms and puerile indecencies in The Nights I can reply only by quoting the words said to have been said by Dr.

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Consequently there is no just reason for translating the whole verbatim et literatim, as has been done by Torrens, Lane and Payne in his "Tales from the Arabic." This conscientious treatment is required for versions of an author like Camoens, whose works were carefully corrected and arranged by a competent littrateur, but it is not merited by The Nights as they now are.

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The theatre began in its ruder form by taking subjects bodily from The Nights; then it annexed its plays as we do--the Novel having ousted the Drama--from the French; and lastly it took courage to be original.

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All the tales I heard were purely local, but Fakhri Bey, a young Osmanli domiciled for some time in Fez and Mequinez, assured me that The Nights are still recited there.