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Jemison (October 17, 1956 - ) was the first African-American woman in space.

African American men were recognized for the purpose of inheritance.

The war also spurred an increase in political activism amongst black women. For the growing number of women who worked outside the home, the war created new opportunities for them to organize collectively and advocate for greater pay and equitable working conditions. Laundresses in the South formed associations and engaged in strikes to protest unfair treatment at the hands of their white employers. In Mobile, Alabama, for example, some 250 laundry workers walked off the job, insisting, "We are protesting against this discourteous treatment and we intend to stay out until our communications are answered and they agree to deal with our committee." Women and organizations like the NACW continued to protest against lynching and, with the suffrage movement reaching its apex, insisted upon the right of black women to vote.

To the African Americans, the Civil War was a war of liberation.

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One of the most important issues that has been extensively studied in regard to African American experience is the issue of leadership and politics....

More specifically culturally sensitive bereavement focusing on the African American population.

Du Bois's words generated considerable controversy within the NAACP and in the pages of black newspapers across the country, due in part to the fact he was simultaneously advocating for an army captaincy in military intelligence. The controversy reflected the tension between patriotism and race loyalty many African Americans grappled with throughout the war and leaders such as Du Bois struggled to navigate effectively.

Many successful African Americans have been overshadowed by their Caucasian counterparts.

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African Americans contested the boundaries of American democracy and demanded their rights as American citizens. With the Great Migration came more protests against the mistreatment of America's black citizens.

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The Crisis headlines an announcement of an upcoming lynching in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Migration, military service, racial violence, and political protest combined to make the war years one of the most dynamic periods of the African-American experience.

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African-American women contributed to the war effort in significant ways and formed the backbone of African-American patriotic activities. Clubwomen, many under the auspices of the National Association of Colored Women (NACW), led "liberty loan" campaigns, held rallies, and provided crucial material and emotional support for black troops.

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Moore and Huiswoud soon emerged at the fore of an effort among black radicals in the communist movement to build an international organization with African diasporic radicals from the Caribbean and Africa. The Trinidadian George Padmore had joined the American Communist Party while a student at Howard University in 1927. Rising rapidly within the party, he found himself in 1930 in Hamburg, Germany, heading the Communist International’s Negro Bureau and leading the newly formed International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers (ITUCNW). The ITUCNW organized black maritime workers in Europe, who helped circulate the organization’s journal, The Negro Worker.

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African Americans have contributed a great deal to the advancements of our country and one of the major fields they have made contributions to is in the field of science.

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Lynching continued in the United States even after African Americans returned from the Great War. The Chicago Urban League reported that after each lynching, the number of migrants arriving from the lynch area increased.