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In building the Great Wall of China, China had to undergo many new and different changes.

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The First Old China Emperor, Shih Huang Ti, burnt all antique books for abolishing the History and the past and, by other hand, he built the long China Wall for the barbarians were being taken off, when they were threatening from North.

The Great Wall of China is an epic monument that has always fascinated people all over the world.

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The Great Wall of China for kids is all about the Great Wall of China and the Qin Dynasty.

The construction of the Great Wall of China was one of the most expensive military projects in the history of the world. The investment of enormous financial and human resources into the construction of the wall resulted in the effective military defense site protecting the country from unexpected and devastating attacks from the north. From one side, the construction of the wall caused the death of millions of people and the empowerment of farmers. From the other side, it made it possible for the Chinese to maintain their geographical and cultural unity. Hundreds of generation worked on the construction of the wall and today it is undoubtedly one of the most impressive miracles of the ancient world.

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The Great Wall of China is one of the most ancient constructions on Earth. Moreover, it is the longest man-made military projects in the world. Today, the Great Wall of China is the symbol of the Chinese people representing the hardworking spirit of the people. The length of the wall is 4,000 miles and it is built with stone and earthen fortifications. For more than 10 centuries, the wall has been built and rebuilt multiple times to protect the northern borders of China from attacks by the nomadic tribes.

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Although all of the countries of Asia have a rich, proud, lengthy and colorful history, China stands out for one reason in particular: its Great Wall....

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The Great Wall of China is one of the world's most famous architectural triumphs and has helped China throughout its history, even though its creation is marked by tragedy....

The Great Wall of China is an ancient wall in China

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The image above was taken at the highest part of the Zhuangdaokuo section of the wall. It is SUPER sketchy to get to, but as you can see from the picture, it is well worth it. With the wild section of the wall you don’t get the pristine towers you see in all the postcards, but I personally find the ruins to be more intriguing. For more commentary on the different sections of the wall, check out the individual images below, and tune in next week for pictures from my absolute favorite section. If you’re thinking of visiting the Great Wall, check out . These guys are very knowledgeable about the different sections of the wall and can point you in the right direction based on what you want to accomplish.

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Before visiting China this go around I had read about a section of the wall that dives into a lake. That section is the Huanghuacheng section. The lake, as it turns out, is man-made and parts of the wall were broken off at the water. There isn’t a really good dramatic picture where the wall meets the water, but the location was interesting. This section is restored and is where Chinese locals go for picnics and camping. My friend and I were some of the few western tourists there, but it was still not as quiet as the wild sections (I removed a LOT of people from this picture).