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Both anthologies dedicated entirely to essay film have been published in order to fill gaps in essay film scholarship. brings the discussion of essay film into the digital age by explicitly resisting traditional German and French film and literary theory. also resists European theory by explicitly showcasing work on postcolonial and transnational essay film.

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This anthology positions Marker’s Sans Soleil (1983) as the originator of the post-structuralist essay film. In opposition to German and French film and literary theory, Biemann discusses video essays with respect to non-linear and non-logical movement of thought and a range of new media in Internet, digital imaging, and art installation. In its resistance to the French/German theory influence on essay film, this anthology makes a concerted effort to include other theoretical influences, such as transnationalism, postcolonialism, and globalization.

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This provocative film essay by critic Peter Buchka explores the German cinema of the 1920s, ranging from the disquieting images of Fritz Lang's Metropolis to the castrating sexuality of Marlene Dietrich in Die Blaue Engel.

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