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Jim Irwin with the Lunar Roving Vehicle on the first lunar surface EVA of Apollo 15

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Some of her books are: The House of Spirits, La Gorda de Porcelana, Of love and Shadows, Eva Luna, The Stories of Eva Luna, The Infinite Plan, Paula, Aphrodite, Daughter of Fortune, Portrait in Sepia, City of the Beasts, My Invented Country.

When this man’s wife kills herself, Eva Luna is accused of her death, but she gets cleared through Riad Halabi’s efforts.

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At 1405 AEST on 18 November, just before Apollo 12 was due to go into lunar orbit, our Univac 1218 computer was declared “Red, cannot support” when it could not operate CADCPS and diagnostics without failing. This was the computer to generate the predictions to point the antenna.

The storyline advances in two parallel lines, one Eva Luna’s, the other Rolf Carle’s, until they meet and accept each other at the end.

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Pictures and descriptions of rocks and soil collected by Apollo astronauts on the lunar surface and returned to Earth.

The high spirited, exuberant Apollo 12 lunar excursions were a welcome contrast to the formal, tension filled, Apollo 11 lunar walk.

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Apollo 12 entered a 185.4 by 181.1 kilometre Earth orbit at 0233:43 AEST with a period of 88.2 minutes and a velocity of 28,053 kilometres per hour. A Saturn IVB 5 minute 41.1 second burn at the end of the second orbit boosted their speed by 1,662.4 kilometres per hour to send them off to the Moon at 0515:13 AEST. The previous Apollo lunar missions flew a free-return trans-lunar coast, meaning the trajectory would sling-shoot the spacecraft around the Moon and back to Earth. Apollo 12 flew a hybrid free-return so that the LM’s descent propulsion system could be used for a safe return to Earth if the spacecraft failed to enter lunar orbit.

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All the equipment worked to specifications, so the mission was declared a big success, so much so that the E mission to try a high earth orbit test of the LM was cancelled. Now there was only Apollo 10 to check out the LM at the Moon and other lunar manoeuvres before actually attempting a landing, scheduled for Apollo 11.

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Conrad and Bean found walking around on the Moon no trouble, but it seemed easier to walk fast than slow. Bean reported that there was no such thing as ‘walking’ on the lunar surface, that you just wanted to go at a lope. It took more energy to move slowly and take a normal step than it did to lope. They didn’t experience any slippery surfaces that the Apollo 11 astronauts reported.

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At the end, the power of the individual, Eva Luna’s power, shines as she finds the courage inside herself to rise over oppressors, negative situations, and even her own imaginings.

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Originally the Lunar Module pilot for Apollo 12 was listed to be Clifton Williams. Alan Bean was scheduled for the Apollo Applications Program, to follow Apollo. At the time Conrad and his crew were training for the first lunar landing as back up crew, but the game of musical chairs was still playing, and the music stopped again on 5 October 1967. Williams was flying home to see his dying father when his T-38 jet went into an uncontrollable roll and crashed, too low for his parachute to save him. Bean couldn’t believe his ears when he heard his old mate Conrad asking him to join his crew as Lunar Module pilot.