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Therefore, what does the nurse do when decision-making involves ethical dilemmas.

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Students will also consider how personal values and principles influence individual contributions to work in health and social care settings. The principles of professional engagement with users of health and social care services will also be explored. In doing so, students will have the chance to consider the roles and responsibilities of the nurse, professional behaviours and attitudes, accountability, confidentiality, advocacy, record keeping, and the legal and ethical frameworks in nursing. Students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of models of decision making in acute and community practice, and how nurses go about planning and organising their work based on the needs of individuals. Finally, students will explore the importance of team working in safeguarding, the wellbeing and health of the people in your care.

Essay 2: Personal Ethics and Decision Making

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Situations requiring nurses to make an ethical decision are diverse and dynamic; the values set out by the College of Nurses of Ontario code of ethics remains the same.

Ethical Decision Making End of Life Submitted by: Anthony Mcdew Ethical nursing care Nurses are faced with ethical decision making on a daily basis. This

This essay will briefly overview four Normative theories which help guide ethical decision making, regarding the hypothetical scenario case given from the teacher’s perspective.

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