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Invasive species can have drastic effects on biodiversity and energy flow in communities.Ecological Succession
Ecological succession, pioneer species, and climax communities are discussed in great detail in this .Succession
Science Daily provides a succinct overview of and R/K selection theory.An Invasive Species
The , an herbivorous species of fish introduced to the Mississippi River, threatens the ecosystems and fishing industry of the Great Lakes, as reported by WEWSTV.Algal Blooms
can drastically impact ecosystems by poisioning waterways or by removing dissolved oxygen from water when the algae is decomposed.

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Even in the face of the scale and magnitude of climate change there are things that can be done. The Kyoto Protocol contains a series of measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, known as mitigation, most notably the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The CDM allows Annex 1 countries to offset their emissions by investing in emission reduction projects in developing countries. This flexible approach is regarded as a ‘win- in’ strategy by policy-makers as developing countries benefit whilst developed countries are able to meet their Kyoto commitments. South Africa was the first African country to launch a CDM project with approval of the Kuyasa low-cost urban housing energy upgrade project in Cape Town. This focuses on renewable energy and energy efficiency by fitting solar water heaters, insulated ceilings and low energy light bulbs in existing low cost houses. Another form of mitigation that has attracted a lot of interest from conservationists is the potential for obtaining CDM payments to cover the cost of forest conservation on the grounds that carbon lost through deforestation will contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. From a conservation perspective this is a ‘winwin’ in that forest biodiversity will be protected whilst preventing CO2 emissions, however this avoided deforestation policy is a long way from gaining acceptance. In addition to energy reduction projects, as in the Kuyasa example, carbon could be sequestered in plantations, or biofuels could be planted to replaced oil-based transport fuels in developed countries. However, Africa as a continent has not yet taken full advantage of the funds available under the CDM and there is more that could be done. A controversial suggestion for mitigating South Africa’s own emissions, and an approach that is much discussed in developed countries, is an expansion of nuclear power to replace energy derived from coal-fired power stations. South Africa has operated a nuclear power plant at Koeberg near Cape Town since 1984 and has substantial stocks of uranium. But the nuclear option comes with its own ecological problems notably the possibilities of an accident and disposal of waste.

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realized niches, competitive exclusion, and the niches of generalists and specialists. The beginning teacher describes and analyzes energy flow through various types of ecosystems.Energy Flow through Ecosystems
Energy flow in marine and terrestrial ecosystems is discussed in this resource from .Model Ecosystems
Use this developed by McGraw Hill to learn about energy flow in forest ecosystems. The beginning teacher knows how populations and species modify and affect ecosystems.

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