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Paper presented at the 10th International Congress on Mathematical Education, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Debate ensued about whether
these routines and rituals of schooling were functional or dysftinctional, harmfiil or harmless.
Some early examinations of the effects of the hidden curriculum were based upon
a functionalist perspective which examined how the school prepares students for effective
participation in adult society, Robert Dreeben’s (1968) analysis of what is learned in schools
suggests that the hidden curriculum is an effective mechanism for teaching students essential

Learning and teaching styles in foreign and second language education.

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Within this essay, you would notice discussions being made for the reasons why Physical Education is to be considered as a core subject from key stages 1-4 (ages 5-16) and how it could be integrated to other academic subjects.

The principles of brain-based learning and constructivist models in education.

Curriculum leaders should consider; learning theories, learning styles and learners' unique ways of processing information, brain research and inquiry-based learning, blended means of delivery and presentation, and alternative assessments when setting standards and lesson plans for teachers.

Paper presented at the Texas Foreign Language Education Conference (Austin, TX, March 23-24, 2001).

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The learner gains ownership of the learning by engaging in relevant and meaningful activities (State of Israel Ministry of Education, 2001) that accommodate alternative assessment that "turns day-to-day assessment into a teaching and learning process that enhances (instead of merely monitoring) student learning" (Stiggins, 2007, p.

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Evaluation of the Curriculum

The State of Israel curriculum program for English as a foreign language (2001) has successfully encompassed the needs of the EFL learner by setting principles and standards that suggest the learning process is more important than the content (Savry & Duffy, 1995; State of Israel Ministry of Education, 2001).

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This paper will provide information on an array of intellectual knowledge concerning the history of curriculum, such as, what curriculum is and how it started, a few of the important education philosophers who had a great effect on the development of curriculum, the relationship history of culture and curriculum, and curriculum auditing....

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The principles underlying the choice of tasks (a) relate to learners' prior experiences, (b) encourage problem-based inquiry and higher order critical thinking skills, such as analyzing, comparing, generalizing, predicting and hypothesizing, (c) provide meaningful real-world authentic content for student reflection, self-evaluation and peer assessment, and (d) focus on the process as on-going (State of Israel Ministry of Education, 2001, p.

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Information Processing

Information processing theories may be valuable when developing a curriculum in order to provide teachers and learners with appropriate instructional material and resources to enhance learning (State of Israel Ministry of Education, 2001).