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CSR is a commonly used as an abbreviation for “Corporate Social Responsibility”....

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Although the advocates of the stakeholders' theory are resolute on corporate citizenship and philanthropy, the proponents of the shareholders theory advocate the remittance of profit to the shareholders. The shareholders theory advocates believes that businesses pay taxes to the society and that it is the responsibility of respective governments to give back to the communities in the realm of CSR (Faleti, 2006). While some categories of stakeholders require special attention in mediating resource conflicts due to their vulnerabilities linked to natural resource exploitation or capacity to influence a wider group, observations show that certain stakeholders are not traditionally included in decision-making concerning their affairs (United Nations Department of Political Affairs and United Nations Environment Programme, 2015). This has been the source of agitation over perceived marginalization in some communities where oil companies and government generate oil wealth.

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, is when business and corporations make this a priority in their operations.

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Notably, the issue of environmental degradation and corporate social responsibility failures of the multinational oil companies is another major cause of the conflict. It is believed that the multinational oil companies’ (MNOCs’) inability to carry out concrete CSR projects marked the beginning of hostilities and self-determination in the region. For example, the Ogonis in 1990 summed up its oil revenue contribution to Nigerian Government to $30 billion at the time but got nothing in return and therefore opted for independence. On the other hand, Idemudia and Ite (2006a) observed that the MNOCs failure in CSR involvement was the major triggering factor for Ken Sarowiwa to lead a protest that was met with massive human rights violations in Nigeria.

Following that, the importance and functions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social marketing will be demonstrated.

In this essay, differnet views on the coporate social responsibility (CSR) are examinated and justified using the shareholders theory, stakeholders theory and Peter Drucker's view on CSR....

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This paper aims to provide a description of corporate social responsibility (CSR) associating with its tremendous effects on international business both positively and negatively.

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Moreover, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can additionally be suggested as ”Corporate Citizenship", “Corporate Governance” which can be defined as the obligation of the association to the ethics, environments and law of the country to the welfare of the society....

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This article evaluates the nature of corporate social responsibility related oil conflict with emphasis on the key reasons for the conflict in the Niger Delta region that has remained impoverished despite the region's huge contributions to the Nigerian economy for many decades. The problem is that the region has been underdeveloped despite its contributions to the national economy. In fact, observations show that the corporate social responsibility projects of the oil companies are inadequate and therefore require a change of strategy. The methodology is a combination of the qualitative data, especially secondary and primary sources including observation of the situation in some oil producing communities, and also the use of the Nigeria Watch database which identifies the sources and maps and the trends of violent deaths in the country. From observations, the resistant movements were formed in the region to address environmental rights violations and enhance economic development. In terms of theoretical and practical significance, the study argues, based on the stakeholder's theory that there is a direct relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and conflict, considering the disconnect between the community development projects and the actualisation of human needs. Their capacity to differentiate between what the people want and their actual needs would end the attacks on the oil workers by restive youths. The article has suggested possible ways of resolving this conflict.

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(Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR, n.d) CSR may also be said to as "corporate citizenship" it is a business’ concern for welfare....

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On the other hand, the Federal Government ignores public calls to compensate the people of the Niger-Delta region for the negative impacts of oil production on the environment which include oil spillages, reduction of arable land, and the destruction of wild life and fish reserves. However, the government has been making several unfulfilled promises which probably accounted for the hostage-taking and kidnapping by some suspected youths in the region. The youths break the pipe lines in order to siphon crude oil (Afinotan and Ojakorotu 2009, p. 195). The government’s retaliation to these activities has rendered many communities homeless, women assaulted and others killed this was the case in Odi, Choba, Umuechem and Ogoni communities. Ironically, the oil companies operating in the region tend to have abandoned the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the concept of stakeholder’s theory, both theories would be critically analysed in the next section. However, the focus here is fundamentally on corporate citizenship which is the theoretical perspective of this study.