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Merely opposite of the fact, George Washington changed his mind and made his appearance at the Constitutional Convention.

Constitutional Convention Essay | Bartleby

All the same, George Washington’s attendance at the Constitutional Convention was frankly presumable and therefore Washington brought up many of his own thoughts and ideas during the intense meeting....

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was deemed a great success in many eyes

Did the Convention exceed its authority? How to you begin to answer such a question?
2. If the Convention did exceed its authority, should it have anyway? Does it matter whether the Convention acted beyond the powers given to it?
3. Would the United States have been better off if the Virginia Plan had been adopted as presented? If the New Jersey Plan had been adopted?
4. Has our constitutional system worked more or less as Madison hoped it would? In what respects, if any, do you think Madison would be disappointed?
5. What was the greatest failing of the Constitutional Convention? Why?

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