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Current situation shows that children do not need considerable knowledge of English to enter the school (Penn & Zalesne 203), and this is certainly an advantage for the immigrant families who probably do not speak English in their households.

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Let us first take a look at premises for the given trend. Penn & Zalesne (203) explain the social reasons for the Latino community to avoid learning English. At first, this language community can stay apart from the native speakers throughout its social life – Hispanic population, which is usually composed of immigrants, can only apply for the basic low-paid jobs that do not require education or special skills. One cannot probably find a native American working in the same environment. At second, the research shows that not all people born in the United States possess English language skills, and this defines them as ‘linguistically isolated’(Penn & Zalesne 203). Hispanics born from the parents who speak their native language will not probably be enough motivated to learn another one if the family experiences no problems in living the way it does. Besides, the facilities offering language learning are too limited throughout the country. Finally, the ethnic group is so large nowadays that each year the necessity of learning English, which appears to be the foreign language for the Hispanics, persistently declines. The growing youth feels itself comfortably within its ethnic environment supposing that this is the right order of the things. For the youth, it’s an opportunity lost because with the age people lose the ability of quick grasping and easy learning.

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That’s why, when communicating, I often had to ask the company to switch to English, which feels much more comfortable for me from any perspective. The feedback is inversely different because some agree and some don’t. For those who agree, strong accent in English sometimes becomes a communication barrier. Penn & Zalesne (204) mark the same tendency taking place on the whole US territory.

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Here are some statistical facts that help us to identify the role of the youth in the Hispanic environment. The Latino population at the age of 18 through 29 is referred as the youth according to Penn & Zalesne (204) and this age group is reported to be the largest within the community (Hagedorn et al. 74). This means that youth is a trendsetter and the main consumer among the Latino population. The trend, as Penn & Zalesne (204) point out, is that young Hispanics are less willing to learn the English language compared to the first generations of immigrants and consider this occupation rather useless.

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When it concerns higher education, one can mention that there is a significantly lower percentage of Hispanic students in universities compared to colleges. One of the reasons for this, as Hagedorn et al. (74) point out, may be the feeling of isolation throughout the educational process. Those Hispanics who look forward to receiving higher education and can speak the English language considerably well still perceive the difficulties of transition from the habitual way of life in an isolated community to the American way of life. This makes them feel alienated and discourages from becoming a valid member of the new society. They will probably return to their usual way of life in the Hispanic community that does not imply the usage of English to be an obligation.