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When I saw that my friend Tanya in Ukraine had seed for this neat sounding pepper I just had to grow it. I mean Goldfinger, the iconic James Bond movie, is indelibly imprinted into our culture. In 1964 when it came out, I was 12, and Daddy always took me to rather inappropriate movies for little girls. I had seen all the war movies of that era: The Longest Day, The Great Escape, The Dirty Dozen, Guns of Navarone, Lawrence of Arabia, Von Ryan's Express, etc. Well, you get the picture. And Daddy took me to the two earlier Bond movies, Dr. No, and of course From Russia with Love as well. Not one other little girl at school had seen any of these films except me.

At any rate, what with my Russian/Belarusian/Ukrainian connection in seeds, it seemed like a brilliant addition to offer "Goldfinger Hot Chili Pepper" to my seed stock. Very bushy and extremely lovely, ornamental plant. Just gorgeous with all the pointed little fruit in all colors of ripeness from white, to purple, to deep gold gold to deep crimson. All at the same time. Plants were about 3-feet tall and wider than they were tall. Like all the former USSR vegetables, these are extremely cold hardy. Today on November 22, it is 40 degrees with a wind chill of 20. I do have a light layer of Reemay agricultural row cover on the plants and I have been covering them up at night. They have been doing super - Well my patient fellow chiliheads, finally you are rewarded with "gold" - The GOLDFINGER HOT CHILI PEPPER is finally ready for sale!

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Members of the black community in the movie The Color Purple band together for spiritual, financial and social support during troubled times in a racist era....

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The affirmation at the end of the film is so joyous that this is one of the few movies in a long time that inspires tears of happiness, and earns them. "The Color Purple" is the year's best film.

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