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Hence, it is necessary to know that what should we eat and wear during these seasons.

Indian clothes, what women and men of India wear?

I really love to go casual and by going casual, I make sure I look trendy. I really don’t like going through my wardrobe in search of what to wear for an occasion so I make sure all my wears are properly divided into three stages. One for playing around the street, another for church, visiting friends, classes and the last one for that special occasion.

During the day, when we go out from home, we should wear a white colour cap over our head.

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Over the last several generations, American attire in general has lurched dramatically toward the informal. A feature that quickly dates an old photograph, for instance, is the men wearing fedoras; most today wouldn't know where to find one. Those who are old enough can remember when travelers got spiffed up to board an airplane. Today's travelers think nothing of flying in duds they might wear to the gym. Or consider the rise of the term "business casual." In most parts of the ...

What-to-wear-on-a-rainy-day issues, ive collected some ideas for waterproof clothing.

There is 99% possibilities in looking good without being expensive or spending much. It all depends on what you want. For example this full-skirt am wearing only cost me #1500 which is close to 10 dollars.

yes I ponder nothing is impossible it depends on our look not on clothes even some mortals wear branded clothes but they don’t look elegant

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With so much stress about getting good grades and getting everything done on time, we shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of uniforms. Students already have so many things taken away from them during school hours, individuality and confidence shouldn’t have to be hidden by uniforms. Having a few dress code guidelines is quite an easy fix to these issues. I believe that students should not have to wear uniforms.

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Confidence is a huge part of life especially for teens. Uniforms look different on everyone. Some people may feel they don’t look good in their school’s uniform. Because of this feeling, they worry all day long about what everyone else is thinking of them. Having confidence can be of great importance. Weather it’s a simple project presentation at school or a big job interview, confidence is key. While wearing uniforms, confidence is sometimes a hard thing to accomplish, but this isn’t the only distraction of wearing a uniform.

Children should be able to wear casual clothes at school.

Nothing can ever replace the memories that you have. No matter how much money, or how famous, or how glamorous you are, it wouldn’t be that great if you didn’t have friends or a family. I would never trade them in for anything. I would like to be rich, have pretty shoes, expensive purses, own a ton of make-up, and have a whole closet full of clothes. But my family and my friends are much more important. They don’t even care about what I look like or what I wear. I could come to school in pajamas or wake up looking like a freak, and it wouldn’t matter.

Children should be able to wear casual clothes at school

The examiner may ask you to talk about the clothes you like to wear or your attitude towards fashion. Read the following IELTS-style questions and answers below and pay attention to the phrases in . Use the ‘Definitions’ section at the bottom of the page to check the meaning of any phrases you don’t understand.

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When wearing uniforms, it is a struggle to be an individual. Teachers are always saying how important it is to just be ourselves and not worry about what others might think. Having a uniform takes that away from us, and this may lead students to try to find other ways to be different. They might begin to act out so they stick out from the crowd. Without uniforms we can show everyone who we are through our clothes. Opinions shouldn’t be based solely on clothing of course, but clothing is a fun and easy way to show who are. Being different is huge part of being in school and I think we should be able to have the privilege of wearing what we want. It can also give us more confidence.