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Please rememberthat these essays are meant to enable you to write better and they're certainlynot intended to be short-cuts to application-essay glory.

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Northrop has maintained the tradition of the scholarly essayists in volumes such as (1963), (1967), (1971) and (1976). He provocatively explores literature, education and other aspects of contemporary society. George , a less academic but wider ranging "man of letters," displays an easy competence in the essay form in such books as (1980). Eli 's A (1987) expands on his earlier (1971). In a similar vein is David Staines's (1977). Established writers of fiction have always found the genre challenging. In (1968), (1972) and (1978), Mordecai expatiates on such themes as the Jewish experience, "Why I write" and the changing national scene. Hugh , in (1973), expresses his cheerful belief in Canadian life and culture. Margaret 's (1976) and Margaret (1982) are collections of personal pieces which, like Gabrielle (1982), provide perceptive insights into the writer's world and social history.

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Various writers used the essay to increase the awareness or appreciation of the "average reader." B.K. , editor of , employs Swiftian irony in (1928) to contrast the 20th century with happier past eras. F.P. Grove in (1922) describes natural scenery with cosmic implications, tracing changing moods and emotions during 7 journeys over one Manitoba road. His (1923) is more forbidding and less personal. Morley , in monthly commentaries for magazine (1940-48) and pieces in , and other journals, dealt with topical themes from an imaginative point of view. In (1949) Hugh treats the Canadian character in a cultivated style marked by personal memories and biases. His (1954), (1960) and (1978]) attempt to define and reconcile transition with the world around him.

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The Revolution remains the last bulwark of national myth. Academics write on the growth of the Founding Father biographical genre in our time; the rule for any new writer should be that if you want a Pulitzer and a best-seller you must find a Founding Father and fetishize him. While no longer reverential, these accounts are always heroic in the core sense of showing us men, and now, occasionally, women, who transcend their flaws with spirit (though these flaws may include little things like holding other human beings as property, dividing their families, and selling off their children). The phenomenon of “,” the hip-hop musical that is, contrary to one’s expectations, wholly faithful to a heroic view of American independence, reinforces the sanctity of the American Revolution in American life.

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(1916) by Stephen , although primarily humorous, sometimes presents serious themes. His satiric pieces reflect the advance made by the essay form in Canada since its early didactic and descriptive precursors. The (founded 1920) encouraged the journalistic essay. Perhaps its most eloquent contributor was scholar Douglas Bush, who displayed a gift for phrasing and allusion, along with a genial irreverence for some of his colleagues' preoccupation with a national literature and identity. W.D. Woodhead and John D. Robins wrote with more overt humour. The essays of other contributors such as Barker , Margaret Fairley, John Macnaughton, Frederick Philip , E.K. Broadus, B.K. , Frank and A.J.M. treated art, the humanities, criticism, contemporary poetry, education and socialist politics with an academic rather than a familiar tone.

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Folksy and nostalgic memories of rural simplicity form H. Gordon Green's central theme in a number of books, including (1962) and (1975). Harry J. exploits the same vein, beginning with (1961) and continuing through (1973). Another variation of the pastoral mode is (1967) by Howard T. Mitchell. A more enduring presentation of farm life is (1967) by Bruce . In (1976) his informal essays cover 50 years of change in Canadian life.

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Yet the only contributor who really deserves the title "essayist" is Archibald MacMechan. His collections, (1901) and (1914), contain whimsical reveries that recreate an innocent era of nature and art reminiscent of essays by Victorian writers John Ruskin and Matthew Arnold, whom he admired.