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In 1888 the main threads of Stevenson's art and life seemed to snap; he wrote the last of his literary essays for magazine by May, and his serious quarrel with Henley had opened his eyes to betrayal. In a letter he wrote to Baxter in May 1888, he sounded as though he was gambling for new stakes. He informed his friend that he would take a South Seas cruise, one that he expected to heal him emotionally as well as physically: "I have found a yacht, and we are going the full pitch for seven months. If I cannot get my health back ... 'tis madness; but of course, there is the hope, and I will play big."

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Camping is a blast – friends, family, yummy campfire food and fun camping games. The one thing I don’t love? Sleeping in a tent. When bedtime comes, I can barely sleep because I’m so uncomfortable. So, I’ve been looking for ways to make our camping trips

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The Samoan faction that he had helped to free from jail assembled at his house to cut a path to the top of Mt. Vaea, where he was buried. He had been rich, famous, an adventurer, and a legend in his homeland; the report of his death created a small shock wave throughout the literary world. Almost immediately the Stevenson family began attempts to glorify the memory of Stevenson, and this action was to work against the writer's literary reputation. They dickered over who would best edit Stevenson's letters. Baxter and James steered clear of the unenviable task, which fell to Sidney Colvin. There also appeared memoirs by Stevenson's friends who did him the disservice of writing hagiography instead of biography. The inevitable reaction of the succeeding literary generation to this presentation of Stevenson as a demisaint was severe. The worst of it amounted to speculation about Edinburgh prostitutes whom the youthful Stevenson might have known and the exact amount of impropriety in Stevenson's relationship with Fanny before their marriage. From personal attacks on Stevenson, critics turned to style: he was accused of blind imitation, having nothing to say and saying it oddly, and of promoting a spineless escapism.

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Gathering fire wood and making the campfire was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It made me feel like a man hunting and gathering for his family during the stone age. After the campfire was built, we cooked up some dinner over the fire. There’s something about cooking over a fire that I personally built that made my food taste that much better. After a fine dinner, it was time for my favorite part – the part when we all relaxed around the open fire. We were surrounded by nothing but peaceful, tranquil wilderness, unpolluted skies where the stars shined bright, and the calming view of the river current flowing downstream. Stories were told, beers were drunk, s’mores were made, and laughs were had. It was a time of bonding and became a fond memory of mine.

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About a year ago, I went on a camping trip with some friends to a place called Peace River. I had never done anything like it before. The thought of camping sounded boring and cliché, but promising myself I would be more open minded, I decided to go. One of the rules we established prior to leaving was no technology allowed. We brought only food, water, beer, tents, an axe, and a skillet. It was a four day trip from the top of the river down to the bottom. We would spend each day rowing our canoes down the river, making stops at rope swings, site seeing, and exploring the wilderness. After a long day of canoeing and adventure, it was time to pick a spot along the river to set up camp. There were designated camping spots for campers with trash cans, tables, and bathrooms, but we decided to find our own spots to make the trip more realistic.

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Stevenson characteristically turned the ocean-crossing and transcontinental journey into grist for the literary mill. "The Story of a Lie" and "The Amateur Emigrant" were two products of Stevenson's trip. The former, a short story, was published in the in 1879. In the latter, a travelogue, Stevenson noted the harsher side of life, especially for the immigrant passenger aboard ship sailing for America. Its grim tone distressed his friends and family. Certain passages were considered too graphic by the publisher and by Stevenson's father: Thomas Stevenson bought all the copies of the already printed travelogue because he found it beneath his son's talent. Stevenson also produced a travelogue about the train journey, "Across the Plains," which was published as the title piece of his 1892 essay collection. The suppressed piece and "Across the Plains" were eventually published together in in 1895, the year after Stevenson's death.