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During this Anglo-Saxon time period, Hrothgar rules as the king of his Danish lands.

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CROSSED-D: Another term for the capital letter or used in Anglo-Saxon orthography.

The Anglo-Saxons consisted of small units, each focused on the central figure of the king.

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The roles of the women in Beowulf and other Anglo-Saxon poems are not always stereotyped ones of passive homemaker and childbearer and peaceweaver, but sometimes ones giving freedom of choice, range of activity, and room for personal growth and development.

The Anglo Saxon time period was highly enthused by bravery, as a way of proving one’s self....

Praised and admired by many people, Beowulf possesses several distinct traits that allow him to be defined perfectly as an ideal Anglo-Saxon hero; his eagerness to seek glory and fame, rather than richness and treasures, his loyalty and graceful attitude not only to his rulers but also to his followers, and his contradictory beliefs of faith and fate In the Anglo-Saxon society, an ideal hero does not seek riches of gold and treasures; instead, he seeks fame and glory through his accomplishments....

Where marriage was concerned, Anglo-Saxon women had the possibility of marrying anyone they chose.

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Still, even from those few women who are mentioned and from other documents of the era, it is possible to see the position of women in of Anglo-Saxon society....

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While the Greek hero follows his fate, making serious mistakes and having a fairly simple life, the Anglo-Saxon "super" hero tries, and may succeed, to change his fate, while dealing with a fairly complex life....

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These Anglo-Saxon heroes usually were kings or thanes because they distinguished themselves above others by doing a good for the greater of everyone....

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There are a variety of theories about how the Anglo-Saxons integrated themselves into Britain, but actual evidence about this time period is rather lacking.

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The goal of many Anglo-Saxon heroes' is to change their fate and the actions that they take can sometimes be unethical and immoral; however, they always seem to succeed in their goal.

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Beowulf makes reference to Ingeld and his wife and the coming Heathobard feud: in that hot passion his love for peace-weaver, his wife, will cool (2065-66) This is a rare passage, for Anglo-Saxon poetry rarely mentions romantic feelings toward women....

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In most of England, the Anglo-Saxons lived with their animals in single-family homes, wooden buildings that were surrounded by a commercial court or a warm fire-lit chieftain’s hall.