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Adolescence is all about wanting to be able to fit in with your peers....
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Ricciardelli's “Self-esteem and Negative Affect as Moderators of Sociocultural Influences on Body Dissatisfaction, Strategies to Decrease Weight, and Strategies to Increase Muscles Among Adolescent Boys and Girls” Adolescence is one of the most difficult times for development.

Some people support the optimistic view that says that adolescence is not a period of storm and stress.
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While some of these adolescents may adopt these abnormal eating habits due to extreme discomfort about their body shape or weight, others use food to comfort themselves in terms of harsh conditions in their social or academic lives....

The adolescent’s identity is a construction of drives, abilities, beliefs, and individual history (Marcia, 1980).
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Interactions with family and peers are vital to adolescent identity formation, and the crucial role of these relationships places additional stress on the bonds during this life stage....

The following essay will examine and provide evidence to understand why there is an increase in conflict throughout a period of adolescence.
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