Then I will go over some of my personal weaknesses.

First, here are some common questions that are often asked to elicit your strengths and weaknesses.

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Some advisors will tell you to select a strength and present it as a weakness. Such as: I work too much. I just work and work and work. Wrong. First of all, using a strength and presenting it as a weakness is deceiving. Second, it misses the point of the question.

Student Strengths and Weaknesses Data on student has been read and analysis has been made.

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For each X, Y, Z insert a keyword describing your strength. Connect keywords to specific stories. If possible, find more than one story that demonstrates the keyword. Next think how this strength could be a contribution when you are student. Next think how this strength will contribute to your goals. By using this method, you will have prepared answers to such common questions as "What are your strengths" and "How will you contribute to our school." Additionally you will be ready to show how your past experience will help you achieve your goals. Additionally when asked questions which are less direct about your strengths, you will already have keywords and stories ready for those questions you can't predict. Keep in mind that your strengths might include particular skills as well as personality characteristics. You should think about strengths in the widest sense. Try to develop about 6-12(or more) keywords and 12-20 (or more) stories that relate to your strengths, contributions, personality, and future potential.

In this paper, I will describe my strengths and weaknesses as I would to a job interviewer.

Prepare: As you prepare to write your first discussion for this week
Review Chapter 1 of Essentials of College Writing.
Identify two writing tasks listed in Chapter 1 as your strengths and two tasks as your weaknesses.
Review your Grammar Assessment.

I will give specific examples of my strengths and place a positive spin on my weaknesses....

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First, you must be able to identify your own personal strengths and weaknesses in order to become a lifelong learner and an essential part of a ?team?.

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List areas of strength and weakness in all domains  Phonemic Awareness o Strengths: Tristan is at an Independent level in the 1st grade reading list for the San Diego Quick Assessment.