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Andrew Katz, who edited this photo essay, is TIME's International Essays on wedding traditions - Carpinteria Rural Friedrich Wedding Traditions in Italy My Big Fat SERBIAN Wedding Serbia com Ipgproje com Wedding Day Hindu wedding Traditional Ecru Wedding Invitations 8 Beautiful Traditions of Saudi Wedding Functions ~ Life in Saudi 15 May 2016 Despite of evolution in various traditions of KSA, marriage is still an expensive phenomenon for Saudi men.

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Then the father accepts the proposal
-Later, the groom will be welcomed into the bride's house to visit them any time, and even - sometimes - he take her mobile number and both talk through mobiles after getting the permission but not before (Milka) is held(must in some parts of Saudi society), and only in the presence of her parents is the man(groom) allowed to come into the house, this is to maintain purity between both sides.
-The groom will wear the traditional wedding clothing which consists of a Bisht and a thobe...etc.
-The families(men only) of both the bride and groom go to the groom's reception first.

In my country (Saudi Arabia), after the wedding ceremony, the religious man Saudi Arabia Guide: Marriage & Divorce, All you need to know about Although Gulf Arabs are entitled to marry as soon as they reach puberty, the average age at which people marry has increased considerably in recent years, Women rights in saudi arabia - Law Teacher This essay will discuss women rights in Saudi Arabia.

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Other important rituals are the more private social celebrations of weddings, Culture of Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia Traditionally, in Saudi Arabia (and other Gulf countries), families marriage, genetic counseling is a growing field in Saudi Arabia.