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The soil of a tropical rainforest is only about 3-4 inches (7.8-10 cm) thick and is ancient.

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Different plants and animals dwell in these zones.

his layer comprises giant trees that thrust up higher than the layer of dense canopy, forming huge mushroom-shaped crowns.

lthough these trees get the highest amount of sunlight, they are also subjected to strong winds, low humidity, and high temperatures.

he plants that are common in this strata are , , and .

he irregular, broad crowns of trees in this layer form a continuous, tight canopy, which is about 30 - 45 m above the forest floor.

he branches of these trees are usually entangled with liana vines and covered with epiphytes.

he canopy is where 90 percent of the organisms can be found, most of them seeking the treetops for brighter light.

his layer receives only 5 percent of the sunlight that falls on the canopy.

t is comparatively an open space containing leafy herbaceous plants and young trees that can tolerate only less amount of light.

he floor of the forest gets less than 2 percent of the sunlight, hence this layer is mostly devoid of vegetation apart from plants that are adapted to very low amounts of light.

he floor of a rainforest is covered with a thin layer of branches, leaves, fruits, and seeds, which decompose very quickly.

The following facts listed are direct proof of howthe Tropical Rainforests are being depleted.

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With the average rainfall never registering below 168 cm (66 inches) and the monthly temperature always exceeding 18ºC, the biome of tropical rainforests have adapted to these temperature conditions.

Many tropical species have evolved in that they have changedtheir roles that they play in the rainforest.

Tamarins and
marmosets, both species in need of protection , flourish in small tropical
rainforest reserves because of the luxurian growth of early successional plant
species, and the lack of large predators which are unable to exist in the
smaller reserves.

Tropical rainforest trees and plants also remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their roots, stems, leaves, and branches.

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Rainforests collect from 60 to 160 inches of rainfall throughout the year, with the constant humidity and moisture within the rainforest creates the perfect biome for tropical condition thriving plants and animals.

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Explore the rainforest without leaving the UK. The Living Rainforest is home to 700 species of plants and animals. Watch birds, butterflies, lizards and a two-toed sloth roam free in our tropical glasshouses....