We should be like snowflakes and stick together.

We need to stick together and get through our tough times.

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Ever since that day I believe so greatly in the power of sticking together. This past year I experienced my parent’s divorce, my house burning down, and my mother’s battle with alcoholism. I realize that my family never would’ve been able to cope with these tragic events if it weren’t for the support we gave to one another and received from others. Even though it took me fifteen years and a trip to a small torn up town to realize its importance, I will now forever and always believe in the power of sticking together.

State the sticking point on which this issue turns - i.e. the ambiguity in the facts that makes it a difficult question.

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said “We may have all come on differentships, but we’re in the same boat now,” this quote means that even thoughwe may be from different places or be a different race, we all are in the samecountry now and we all work together. Everyone who came from differentplaces to be here in our country all come together to fight as one to defendour country. Martin Luther King speech explains that even though everyone is different you can’t let someonedifferent bring you down.

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Again, has come up with a great idea.. collaborative problem solving in math! She provides a Stick-It resource where students can work together in groups of four. Students individually answer the question on a post-it note, place them on a common page, and then read through all of the answers together. They pick very best parts of each students answer and work together to come up with the the best possible answer they can.

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If the student does not master this portion of the essay, it will be quite difficult to compose an effective or persuasive essay.Transitions are the mortar that holds the foundation of the essay together.

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Bonosays, “It’s not saying we even want to get along, but that we have to get alongtogether in this world if it is to survive. It’s a reminder that we haveno choice.”

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It’s saying, ‘We areone, but were not the same.’ It’s not saying we even want to get along, butthat we have to get along together in this world if it is to survive.

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The political cartoon explains that eventhough a tragic day can change everything we can all stand together and haveempathy for people. E pluribus means .