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The racial and ethnic division in views about service refusals of LGBT people differs markedly from views on same-sex marriage. Non-white Americans are more likely than their white counterparts to express opposition to religiously based service refusals, though majorities of every racial and ethnic group oppose such refusals. Black (67%) and Hispanic (66%) Americans express the most opposition to allowing small business owners to deny products or services to gay or lesbian people if doing so violates their religious beliefs, followed by Asian-Pacific Islander Americans (62%). A majority (55%) of white Americans also oppose allowing service refusals based on religious beliefs, while approximately four in ten (38%) white Americans favor such a policy.

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Few attributes are more important in structuring attitudes on same-sex marriage than age. Generally, there is an inverse relationship between support for same-sex marriage and increasing age, but the relationship is not uniformly linear. Among younger American adults, from those in their late teens to mid-forties, majorities support same-sex marriage, with the strength of support generally decreasing as age increases. For example, 74% of 20-year-olds support same-sex marriage, compared to 53% of 45-year-olds.

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Majorities of all major religious groups favor passing nondiscrimination laws for LGBT people, although the degree of support varies. The religiously unaffiliated (81%) and members of many non-Christian religions, including Buddhists (85%) and Jewish Americans (83%), are the most supportive of these laws. A majority of white evangelical Protestants (57%) and Jehovah’s Witnesses (52%) also support nondiscrimination laws for LGBT people. However, a substantial number of white evangelical Protestants (38%) and Jehovah’s Witnesses (33%) oppose this policy. And while Mormons strongly oppose same-sex marriage, their support for nondiscrimination laws (72%) mirrors support among Americans overall.

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In the South, however, there are significant generational divisions on the issue. Two-thirds (67%) of young adults in the South support same-sex marriage, compared to roughly one-third (32%) of seniors. Nearly six in ten (58%) Southern seniors express opposition to same-sex marriage.

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Support for same-sex marriage varies significantly by region. Residents of the Northeast express the highest support, with more than six in ten (63%) favoring same-sex marriage. A majority of Americans living in the West (59%) and the Midwest (54%) also favor same-sex marriage, while residents of the South are divided on the issue (46% favor, 45% oppose).

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Unsurprisingly, the states with the highest support for same-sex marriage tend to be clustered in the Northeast, while the states with the lowest support can be found predominately in the South. Massachusetts—the first state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage in 2004—registers the highest support for the policy today (76% favor). Support for same-sex marriage is robust across New England with approximately seven in ten residents of New Hampshire (73%), Connecticut (70%), Rhode Island (69%), and Vermont (69%) expressing support.

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Even among the most ardent opponents of same-sex marriage, stark generational divisions persist. Young white evangelical Protestants, for example, are divided over same-sex marriage, with roughly equal numbers expressing support (47%) and opposition (49%). In contrast, roughly three-quarters (74%) of white evangelical Protestant seniors oppose same-sex marriage. There are only modest generational differences among Mormons. Nearly six in ten (58%) younger Mormons oppose same-sex marriage, as do seven in ten (70%) Mormon seniors.

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Notably, there are only five states in which a majority of residents oppose same-sex marriage. Support for same-sex marriage is lowest in the Deep South: just one-quarter (25%) of Mississippi residents and one-third (33%) of Alabama residents favor same-sex marriage. Sixty-five percent of Mississippi residents and 60% of Alabama residents oppose same-sex marriage. Opposition to same-sex marriage also reaches a majority in three other states: Arkansas (57%), South Dakota (57%), and Tennessee (56%).