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Today, 14% of Canada is Irishand there is little or no discrimination against the Catholic.

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Racism claims the human species can be divided into discrete biological groupings that determine the behaviour, economic, and political success of individuals within that group. This belief views races as natural and fixed subdivisions of the human species, each with its distinct and variable cultural characteristics and capacity for the development of civilizations. Thus, racists believe that biological factors can be used to explain the social and cultural variations of humans. Racism also includes the belief that there is a natural hierarchical ordering of groups of people so that superior races can dominate inferior ones. It is not a study of race, or of the present inequality of certain groups in society, but it is an assertion that inequality is absolute and unconditional.

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Racist thinking presumes that differences among groups are innate and not subject to change. Thus, intelligence, attitudes and beliefs are viewed as not affected by one’s environment or history. The existence of groups at the bottom or top of the social hierarchy is interpreted as the natural outcome of an inferior or superior biological makeup and not the result of social influences. Racists reject social integration because they believe the mixing of groups would result in the degeneration of the superior group.

At the time, the Catholics weren't allowed to...
Have an education...
Own or lease land...
Or have a job.
And they weren't allowed to live in a corporate town...
...or within 8 miles of one!
Over the years, many different cultural groups have come to Canada from all around the world, for all sorts of reasons.
Today, people from all around the world
live together, in harmony.
Everyone has a story about how they
or their ancestors,
first came to Canada
This is the story of how the Irish Catholics first came to Canada.


One of the biggest Irish migrations to Canada occurred in 1846 and ended in 1848.

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Scientists today tend to refer to continental ancestry over race, as this is a more exact description of what genetics reveals.

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Research today tends to focus on the genetic underpinning of human variance, such as in the . One of the most significant findings of the Project is that humans are far more alike than they are different

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Examples of individual and institutional racism in Canada's history are evident in its restrictive immigration policies, and in practices regarding Aboriginal people and non-White immigrants, particularly Asians, and . Some of the most intense racist policies have been directed at Aboriginal people. Until 1960, Aboriginal adults could not unless they first renounced their Indian Act status and gave up treaty rights.

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Racist ideology is based upon three false assumptions: That biological differences are equal to cultural differences; that biological makeup determines the cultural achievements of a group; and that biological makeup limits the type of culture a group can develop. Research shows these assumptions are wrong and largely based on the untenable position that nature (biology) is a single causal agent. Evidence showing that differences within groups are greater than differences between groups, and that social factors have an impact on behaviour, argue strongly against racist beliefs.

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Black Canadians have faced higher scrutiny from police and reports show evidence of racial profiling. One study found that police described 33.6 per cent of drivers stopped in Toronto by police as Black, compared to about 8.1 per cent of the total population being Black.

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Racism argues that humans can be divided into different racial groups, each with characteristics that are inherited and unchanging — and that those differences explain inequality in societies.