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Originally I figured media literacy was being able to understanding the meaning of media messages.

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Recognizing bias in news stories is one form of media literacy. Spotting when the news is totally fabricated is something else entirely. How can teachers help students tell fact from media fiction? Educators and media literacy advocates in Washington state are working together with legislators to address the problem. Special correspondent Kavitha Cardoza of Education Week reports.

The media has a number of important responsibilities during a natural disaster.

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It also allows districts access to federal technology funding. This new law in Washington is being used as a model by about a dozen other states. Advocates want to see media literacy taught in all 50 states.

I visited this establishment to reflect upon the nature of media, culture and what it means to be literate in the 21st century.

The essence of media literacy is critical thinking. Every child in America needs those skills, particularly when they live in this 24/7 media and technology world, where they’re just bombarded with information. Oftentimes, it’s inaccurate.

The media has created an impressive increase in literacy among people about politics and political issues....

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Media literacy is defined as the process of interacting with media content and critically analyzing it by considering its particular presentation, its underlying political or social messages, and the ownership and regulation issues that may affect what is presented and in what form (Pavlik 37)....

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Media literacy is when a person consumes media, and understands not only the message, but the influences and implications, or hidden purposes of a message.

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1. What is media literacy? Discuss at least three ways consumers can become more media literate and the benefits or drawbacks of this. How would you describe your own media literacy and how has this helped or hindered you?
Your essay should fully consider the question(s) and should pull from the course readings, as well as your own experiences and opinions,
Text Book: The Media of Mass Communication, by John Vivian. Eleventh Edition. Pearson Allyn and Bacon, 2012.

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Recognizing bias in news stories is one form of media literacy. Spotting when the news is entirely fabricated, like these stories, is something else entirely.

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Claire Beach is a media literacy advocate and former teacher. She says just because kids are comfortable with social media doesn’t mean they’re savvy about the information they’re consuming.