She was dear to the beast, and finally she grew veryfond of him.

The classic opener for any fairy tale, which is no different in the case of Beauty and the Beast.

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In order to convey his ideas and themes, Cocteau uses the beast as a lurking figure whose lack of appearance on the screen ultimately has a great effect on the viewer.

Beaumont wrote Beauty and the Beast in eighteenth-century France during the reign of Louis XV.

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Belle finds Maurice and takes him home, but Gaston arrives with a lynch mob led by of the local insane asylum. Unless she agrees to marry Gaston, Monsieur D'Arque will lock her father up. Belle proves Maurice sane by showing them the Beast with the magic mirror, but when Belle furiously confronts Gaston after he mocks her for being in love with a "monster" by saying that he is the real monster, Gaston becomes jealous, snaps, and arouses the mob's fear of the Beast, leading them to the castle to kill him. Gaston locks Belle and Maurice in their basement, but Chip, who stowed away in Belle's luggage, chops the basement door apart with Maurice's machine, allowing Belle and Maurice to hurry back to the Beast's castle on Phillipe.

Belle’s father, disappears on a journey to a local fair and becomes captive of the Beast.

“Creatures, I give you yourselves,” said the strong, happy voice of Aslan. “I give to you forever this land of Narnia. I give you the woods, the fruits, the rivers. I give you the stars and I give you myself. The Dumb Beasts whom I have not chosen are yours also. Treat them gently and cherish them but do not go back to their ways lest you cease to be Talking Beasts. For out of them you were taken and into them you can return.”

They opened the door, and were terrified when a large black beaststepped inside.

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Couldn't I see them justonce?"So the beast led her to a mirror and said, "Look inside."She looked into the mirror, and it was as though she were at home.

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Musicians were playing there, andbelow there was the garden, half summer and half winter, and the beast dideverything to make her happy, fulfilling even her unspoken desires.

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The beast refused for a long time,but she grieved so much that he finally had pity on her and said, "Go toyour father, but promise me that you will be back here in eight days."She promised, and as she was leaving, he called out again, "Do not staylonger than eight days."When she arrived home her father was overjoyed to see her once again,but sickness and grief had already eaten away at his heart so much that hecould not regain his health, and within a few days he died.

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However, the beast shouted back to him, "In eight days I will come andget my bride."So the merchant brought each daughter what she had wanted, and each onewas delighted, especially the youngest with her rose.

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In high school, I came to the realization that my delusional sense of strength actually did have an attributable source: It came from being nice to others. Acts of kindness gave me an endorphin boost and made me feel emotionally and physically strong. After I made this connection, I spent the majority of my days considering and implementing acts of nicety. I made sure to smile at strangers on the street, I donated time to charitable organizations, and I always did my best to make people feel good. I had a real handle on kindness. I knew it inside and out and could generate it like a beast.

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Betsy Hearne, the editor of The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, writes that the film belittles the original story's moral about "inner beauty," as well as the heroine herself, in favor of a more brutish struggle; "In fact," she says, "it is not Beauty's lack of love that almost kills Disney's beast, but a rival's dagger."