Americans belived it's country was invunerable to an attack.

The terrorist attcks that occurred on September 11th changed all of that.

The economy was already experiencing a fall off before the attack.

This paper discusses how technology influenced the attack, actions that were taken to enhance technology thereafter, and the new technologies that can be used to boost anti-terrorism campaigns.

What they are all saying is that American foreign policy is responsible for this attack.

People had many different reactions to the attacks on September 11th.

The effort to declassify the document comes at a time when a lawsuit, brought ten years ago on behalf of the victims of the attacks and their families, along with the insurers who paid out claims, is advancing through the American court system. The suit targets Saudi charities, banks, and individuals. In 2005, the government of Saudi Arabia was dismissed from the suit on the ground of sovereign immunity, but in July the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the Kingdom as a defendant. The plaintiffs believe that the withheld twenty-eight pages will support their allegation that the 9/11 hijackers received direct assistance from Saudi government officials in the United States. According to representatives of the families of 9/11 victims, President Obama has twice promised to release the material but so far has failed to do so. “The redaction of the twenty-eight pages has become a coverup by two Presidents, and coverup implies complicity,” Sharon Premoli, who is co-chair of 9/11 Families United for Justice Against Terrorism, said. “The families and survivors have the right to know the whole truth about the brutal murder of three thousand loved ones and the injuries of thousands more.”

Everyone in the United States felt very vulnerable and unsafe from attacks that might follow.

Terrorist attacks on World Trade Center in New York City and Pentagon in Washington D.C., are big flow of miscommunication between federal agencies and incident such as terrorist attacks of 2001 should have not happened.

Talk-Radio callers queued on the phone to vent their anger after the attacks.

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The Saudis have also publicly demanded that the material be released. “Twenty-eight blanked-out pages are being used by some to malign our country and our people,” Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who was the Saudi Ambassador to the United States at the time of the 9/11 attacks, has declared. “Saudi Arabia has nothing to hide. We can deal with questions in public, but we cannot respond to blank pages.”

The attacks took place in New York and Washington D.C.

In case there was a failure of imagination, Italy had just set an example two months before 9/11 on how to respond to a terrorist threat: After receiving a warning that a summit of world leaders in the city of Genoa would be targeted by al-Qaeda, they conspicuously defended the city with increased police, antiaircraft batteries, and constantly flying fighter jets. Apparently the press coverage of the defenses caused al-Qaeda to cancel the attack. President Bush could hardly have failed to notice, since he took the unusual step of sleeping on board a US aircraft carrier during the summit. [,, ]

In this paper I will tell you why and how the attacks happened.

From this list, one can see there were many warnings specifying the type of attack, a general timeframe, and the location as either New York City or the World Trade Center. And this list only includes warnings from foreign governments, and excludes warnings from the US itself: its own communications intercepts, individuals with foreknowledge, suggestions from similar attacks, and the knowledge of American intelligence agents on the track of al-Qaeda. We know that US intelligence was suffering “warning fatigue” from so many notifications of an upcoming al-Qaeda attack. One would think that, based on these warnings, the US would have dramatically increased its security. One would be wrong.

The September 11th Attack on the Pentagon

While we all agree that the attacks were horrific and unjustifiable and that a rapid response was desirable, the responses we condone diverge dramatically....