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Problem Question What is the effect of the substrate concentration on enzyme activity.

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Some enzymes weaken covalent bonds within the substrate molecule, whereas in other cases this lowering of the activation energy seems to take place because the enzyme holds the substrate molecules in a particular p...

A change in pH above or below this range reduces the rate of enzyme reaction considerably.

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In the same way that increasing the temperature increases the chances of a favourable collision, so increasing the substrate concentration increases the chances - because there are simply more substrate molecules kicking about....

Enzymes effectively lower the amount of activation energy required for chemical reactions to start.

Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down starch so we will test at what temperature the amylase will break down the starch at the quickest time, therefore looking for the enzymes’ optimum temperature, at a temperature lower than the unknown optimum the amylase will work slower meaning more time taken to break down slower, how ever if heated too much, unlike in other reaction were heat usually speeds up reactions, but in an enzyme it will become less effective once the...

ENZYME ACTIVITY  activity = moles of substrate converted per unit time = rate× reaction volume

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The role of this enzyme is to regulate the levels of oxidized and reduced glutathione and NADPH as shown below.

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Enzymes are also globular proteins that have a three-dimensional specific shape; among with a pocket known as the active site, this has a precise shape to link with the exact substrate.

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Enzymes act as biological catalysts, breaking down substrates without needing a high temperature, allowing all the chemical reactions of metabolism to take place, regulating the speed at which they progress, lowering the activation energy and providing a means of controlling individual biochemical pathways....

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This experiment investigates the effect of temperature on the rate at which the enzyme works by measuring the amount of oxygen evolved over a period of time.

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The enzyme begins to lose its functional shape, particularly the shape of the active site, such that the substrate will no longer fit into it, the enzyme is said to be denatured....

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pH is often "bell shaped" since two different amino acid groups of the enzyme are being titrated to different states of ionization at the different pH values.

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This means that only one of the two possible ionization states of the amino acid side chain is effective in enzyme catalysis - in other words, if an acidic side chain like Glu is involved in catalysis, it probably only works when it is ionized; since Glu side chain carboxylic acid groups have a pK around pH 5, at pH values below this pK, the enzyme will be less active; while at pH values above the pK, the enzyme will be most active....