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The arrival of the Georgia colonists in 1733 on the south bank of the SavannahRiver was not in and of itself a significant event in the lives of the southeasternIndians dwelling there. For two centuries before Georgia's founding the Spanish, Frenchand, to a lesser degree, the English explored and settled in the Southeast. The Indians'experience with the Europeans was, overall, devastating to their way of life. Subjected toslavery, unfamiliar disease, fraudulent trade practices and forced assimilation intoforeign cultures, the Indians had little reason to welcome the new settlers.

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Tomochichi essentially submitted himself and his people to English authorityfrom the first meeting with Oglethorpe. He presented Oglethorpe a gift of a buffalo skinpainted with various designs symbolic of the desired relationship with Oglethorpe and theEnglish. The skin was symbolic recognition of English power and the Yamacraws' hope fortheir protection. Oglethorpe reported to the Georgia Trustees Tomochichi's hope "thatwe would Love and Protect their little Families." (Baine, pg. 243)

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