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I just had a very important exam last month, and this month in April 14th to 16th i will face the most important exam in my life, it's national exam, my final exam at school! I can't believe it's only one week left to go, i feel a bit frightened and nervous. I have been studying very hard, i make a lot of efforts studying Indonesian, English and math (actually i don't like math), like Dimitri i wish i could pass it successfully.

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"Although I write in English, my first language was Chinese. Because my parents are from China they praised me, scolded me, told me long bedtime stories and recited poetry to me all in Chinese. No wonder then, that I think of Chinese as the language of my heart. As I grew older, I absorbed Thai from interacting with people in the busy streets and marketplaces and temple fairs of Bangkok. Thai for me is a functional language and I think of it as the language of my hands. Only much later did I learn English from strict teachers in school, and so I think of English as the language of my head. " ()

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